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N-Channel Mosfet DFN Package 60V 53A GT55N06 for Solar Inverter

N-Channel Mosfet DFN Package

The GT55N06 uses advanced trench technology and
design to provide excellent RDS(ON) with low gate

60N06 MOSFET 60V 60A MOSFET TO-252 N Channel Transistor


G16P03 MOSFET 30V 16A DFN3*3-8L Package​ N Channel Transistor


100V SGT MOSFET GT1003B 7A SOT-23 N Channel MOSFET for Fast Charge


General Purpose thyristors(KP2000-2200V)

General Purpose Thyristors

Feature:Low On-state Voltage,High di/dt capability,High dv/dt capabil-ity,Hermetic Packaging,Excellent Surge.

GuanJie Zong
GuanJie Zong

2 Connections 15 Products yangzhou, China (Mainland)

SMD Rectifier Diode with Plastic Package

SMD Rectifier Diode With

We are making all kinds of rectifier diode of SMA case, please check on our website for more information.

heat resistant borosilicate glass food container for microwave oven

Heat Resistant Borosilicate

Quick Details
Material: Borosilicate Heat Resistant Glass
Lids: PP
Sealing ring: Silicone

glass food container

Microwave cookware

borosilicate glass tubing

Vacuum tubes

Borosilicate glass tube 3.3

Vacuum tubes

Rectifier module 110a 1600v MDC110-16

Rectifier Module 110a 1600v

Style No.: MDC110
Isolation voltage: 2500V~

Rectifier Module 300a 1600v MDC300-16


Mary Ma
Mary Ma

30 Products Hangzhou, China

Blood Collection Coagulation Tube with Sandwich Material

Blood Collection Coagulation

Blood Collection Coagulation Tube with Sandwich Material:It consists of inner tube made of PP and outer tube made of PET.
Blood Collection

Vacuum Blood Collection Lithium Heparin Tube

Vacuum tubes

Blood Collection without Additive Tube

Vacuum tubes

Vacuum Blood Collection EDTAK3 Tube

Vacuum tubes

Blue Vacuum Blood Tube -Sodium Citrate 1:9

Blue Vacuum Blood Tube

Name: Blood collection tube
Material : Glass or Plastic
Additive: 0.109mol/L sodium citrate
Certificates: ISO1348,ISO

Plastic Vacuum blood collection tube---Fluoride/Oxalate Tube

Vacuum tubes

Vacuum blood collection tube---No additive Blood Collection Tube

Vacuum tubes

Urine tube medical tube

Tube Assembly

ms chen
ms chen

4 Products Fuzhou, China (Mainland)

Zener Diode BZT52C Series (AECQ), SOD-123

Zener Diode BZT52C Series

Zener Diodes 500mW , SOD-123
AECQ-101 Compliance
WILLAS reserves the right to

LDO- WS117BHS Series (3.3V)

Amplifier ICs

NXP BT169D Thyristor Triac TO-92

NXP BT169D Thyristor Triac


Eltek Valere FLATPACK2 Rectifier 48/2000


Shindengen MOSFET FH020AA Regulator




(Controllers IC)PIC16F628A-I-P

(Controllers IC)PIC16F628A-I

Model Number:PIC16F628A-I-P
Description:mew and original

STM32L151CBT6-1(Controllers IC)

Controller ICs

(USB GSM/GPRS modem )SIM900

PCB test systems

(Controllers IC) PIC18F87K90-I-PT

Other Ics

ship and boat marine fenders pier fenders

Ship And Boat Marine Fenders

Detailed Product Description 1.ship and boat marine fenders pier fenders
2.High energy absorption
3.competitive price

foam filled marine fender with and without chain and tire net

Marine Equipment

high quality of cargo rubber airbags

Marine Equipment

Electron Tube Triode tube RCA-833A/833C FU-33

Electron Tube Triode Tube

Detailed Product Description 1.ISO9001:2008&CE triode tube
3.anodes cooled naturally
4.high-frequency heat

Electron Tube triode tube FU-433S Water Cooled Vacuum Glass Metal

Tube Assembly

Electron Tube Triode 6T51 Electron tube FU-605

Tube Assembly

Eimac Electron Tube Triode 3CX1500A7_Power Triode FU-957F

Tube Assembly

Fast Thyristor TO-65/K25RIA K40RIA K50RIA

Fast Thyristor TO-65/K25RIA

types of thyristors TO-65/K25RIA K40RIA K50RIA
Vrrm 1200v Vgt <2.5
1)ISO9001, RoHS CE
2)Bottom is made by red copper

Mr Chen
Mr Chen

3 Connections 20 Products Yueqing, China (Mainland)

NELL_Thyristor Module

NELL_Thyristor Module

Nell Power Semiconductor Co. Ltd.

NELL_Bridge Rectifier


Larry Mao
Larry Mao

5 Products New Taipei City, Taiwan

Feed Calcium Formate 98%min powder

Feed Calcium Formate 98%min

As feed additive for various animals; active in acidification, mould-proofing and antibiosis.
Product Name: Calcium

Sodium Formate 97%Min.powder

Other Organic

3.3 borosilicate glass tube

Vacuum tubes

borosilicate glass tubing

Vacuum tubes

Lichao Lu
Lichao Lu

2 Connections 33 Products Puyang, China (Mainland)

high heat collector singlel ayer  vacuum solar tube

High Heat Collector Singlel

1.Standard 3.3 high-boron-silicon glass-pipe
2.Low coefficient of heat loss
3.Good performance & price
4.15years warranty

high heat collector single-target solar vacuum tube

Solar collectors

high hot collector single-target vacuum solar tube

Solar collectors

single Target Vacuum Tube (SS-CU-ALN/ALN coating)

Vacuum tubes

Ada Zhang
Ada Zhang

33 Products Jiaxing, China (Mainland)

CSK6-NKW electromagnetic counter

CSK6-NKW Electromagnetic

CSK6-YKW/NKW electromagnetic counter/METER
Counter range: 4, 5, 6 digits
Features:high precision, long life, stable performan

CSK6-YKW electromagnetic counter


Mininature Power Relay HH54P

Power relays

Mininature Power Relay HH52P

Power relays

ms he
ms he

1 Connection 13 Products Yueqing, China (Mainland)

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

1.EDTA Tube
2.Professional Manufacturer
3.CE, ISO13485
4.Glass or PET
5.OEM&Buyer's Lable Offered

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Vacuum tubes

vacuum blood sampling tube

Vacuum tubes

vacuum blood sampling tube

Vacuum tubes

Zhiwei Zhong
Zhiwei Zhong

1 Connection 33 Products Hangzhou, China (Mainland)

Solar receiver tube for solar water heater

Solar Receiver Tube For

Solar receiver tube for solr water heater
1.Use double-vacuum technology
2.High absorpting rate: 92%
3.Long lifetime
product features1) The pipes are made of advanced superconductive oxygen-free copper2) No water inside, can protect against freezing and hail, safe and more reliable3) Starts up fast and collects solar energy fully4) Converting solar energy into thermal energy that is transferred through pure-oxygen free copper heat pipes5) Graceful appearance, long service life and non-polluting6) The evacuated tube with superconductive heat-pipe is the most advanced product in the world7) Dimensions: dia. 28 x 1,200mm, dia. 28 x 1,500mm, dia. 47 x 1,500mm, dia. 58 x 1,800mm, dia. 70 x

General Solar Water Heater Collector Tube

Vacuum tubes

Purple gold heat pipe solar collector

Solar collectors

Triple Layer of Evacuated Glass Tube

Tube Assembly

jian zhu
jian zhu

33 Products Haining, China (Mainland)

120#office chair gas spring sanyou&masda brand

120#office Chair Gas Spring

Pipe thickness Preservative treatment φ 50mm pipe 1.2mm Spray plastic φ 28mm pipe 1.5mm Chrome-plated

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