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Hot sale 2018 competitive price red yeast rice extract

Hot Sale 2018 Competitive

Red yeast rice, or monascus purpureus, is yeast grown on rice. It has been used as a dietary staple in many Asian countries and it is currently

Natural Vitex Agnus Castus Extract Chasteberry Powder

Other Inorganic

Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate Pharm Grade CAS: 99-76-3

Other Inorganic

intermediate product 5-Ureidohydantoin 97-59-6

Other Inorganic

Water Treatment Chemical Polyacrylamide Flocculant

Water Treatment Chemical

Water Treatment Chemical Polyacrylamide Flocculant
Anionic Polyacrylamide:
Anionic PAM is mainly used in

25%--31% liquid sodium chlorite cas no 7758-19-2

25%--31% Liquid Sodium

We can supply 25%,26%,27% ,30% ,31%and other product purity,the package is 1.25 ton (1000L) IBC drums ,250KG (200L)plastic drums and 25KG(22L

80% 82%85%90%  sodium chlorite CAS No 7758-19-2


Solid Sodium Chlorite Powder 80%

Solid Sodium Chlorite Powder

Sodium Chlorite powder is white crystalline, main used to make the chlorine dioxide, blanch of textile, paper, plip, and also used the drinking water

 Sodium Chlorite Solution 23%~31%


Liquid Sodium Chlorite 25% Solution




Benzyl Chloride--Best Chemical Service

Benzyl Chloride--Best

Best news of the cheap&good.
Best service--Each country we have a representative whom can speak your native language

alkyd resin--Best Chemical Service


Hydrogen peroxide solution--Best Chemical Service

Hydrogen Peroxide

N,N-Dimethylformamide(DMF)--Best Chemical Service


sodium thiocyanate

Sodium Thiocyanate

硫氰酸钠(99%、固体、50% 溶液 ) ,80%出口, 添加到水泥助磨剂中 ,也用于丁醚脲、2氯-5氯-甲基噻唑、农药哒螨灵、三嗪酸、噻虫嗪等农药合成 ,金矿开采提金剂,聚丙烯腈纤维的纺丝溶剂。期待合作!/ 齐长胜/V信13403926126/QQ 2906739607

ammonium  thiocyanate

Other Inorganic

15HP electric start  diesel engine

15HP Electric Start Diesel

单缸、卧式、水冷、四冲程 Single

R180  condensing diesel  engine

Diesel Fuel

10HP electric start walking tracto


walking tractor


Sunny Kan
Sunny Kan

4 Products Linyi , china

pp wire drawing filling master batch

Pp Wire Drawing Filling

This series of master batches is made of micron calcium carbonate powder as mineral filler, which is specially treated

 optical cable filling rope materiall

Other Organic

colour masterbatch

Other Chemicals

sheath material

Cable sleeves

cosmetic glass bottle frosting powder

Cosmetic Glass Bottle

This powder is specially designed for cosmetic glass bottles,the frosted surface is exquisitely fine and smooth to the touch.

water-based frosting powder

Inorganic Acid

Low reflection glass frosting powder

Other Inorganic

Finger-Printing Free Glass Frosting Powder

Inorganic Acid

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate-SAPP-E450I

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate

Molecular formula: Na2H2P2O7
Molecular weight: 221.95
National Standard: GB 25567-2010

Tri Sodium Phosphate-12H2O-Dodecahydrate-food grade-industry grade-technical grade


Di Potassium Phosphate-(DKP)-Anhydrous-food grade-E340(ii)


Tri Sodium Phosphate-Anhydrous-food grade-industry grade-technical grade


Jeff ran
Jeff ran

4 Products Chengdu, China (Mainland)

Industrial Grade Grade Standard Adipic Acid 99.8%

Industrial Grade Grade

Chemical Name: Adipic acid
CAS No.: 124-04-9
Molecular Fomula: C6H10O4
Molecular weight: 146.14

96-47-9 2-Chemical Intermediate 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran

Other Inorganic



1,3-Dimethyl-2-imidazolidinone (DMI)
Product Name: 1,3-Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone
Synonyms: 1,

99.9%propylene glycol

99.9%propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol (Industry Grade)is a colorless, tasteless, transparent and nonflammable liquid,fusing point: -59 ℃,boiling point :188.2℃,index

Top safety powder free pvc vinyl gloves disposable hand gloves prices competitive

Top Safety Powder Free Pvc

Technical Information
Products Name
Disposable PVC Vinyl

Nickel Acetate Supplier In China 6018-89-9

Nickel Acetate Supplier In

Name: Nickel Acetate Supplier In China 6018-89-9
MF: Ni(CH3COO)2.4H2O

Nickel sulphate hexahydrate 98%min


98% basic chromium sulphate

Leather Chemicals

Frank Young
Frank Young

11 Products Shanghai, China

Chrome Oxide for Abrasive Polishing Paste Application

Chrome Oxide For Abrasive

Product Description:
Chrome Oxide Green is also called chromium Oxide, Pigment 17, Chrome Green. It is green powder, a great

chromium oxide green superfine powder Grade

Chromium Oxide

Chromium Oxide-Aluminum Oxide fused chrome oxide manufacturer

Chromium Oxide

Ceramic Pigment Material Chrome Oxide Green Manufacturer

Chromium Oxide

Amy Nie
Amy Nie

6 Products 洛阳, CHINA

Mixed refrigerant R410A 混合制冷剂R410A favorable price

Mixed Refrigerant R410A

UN Number: 3163 risk grades: 2.2
Physical property
molecular weight

Pentafluoroethane HFC-125 五氟乙烷 HFC-125 favorable price

Other Organic

Triphenyl Phosphine(TPP) 三苯基膦(TPP) favorable price

Other Inorganic

Urea formaldehyde(UF/MU)甲醛尿素 First-hand price


premiu white dextrin for food

Premiu White Dextrin For

We are offering high-end quality of Dextrin Powder to our clients. Our entire stock of dextrin power is widely supplied in many industries of

Aspartame for food additives

Other Agriculture

Ceramic Coatings Plasma Spray Coatings Chrome Oxide Green

Ceramic Coatings Plasma

Company profile:
Luoyang Zhengjie Science&Technology Industry Trade Co., Ltd

Chromium Oxide Green Refractory Grade for Brick

Other Inorganic

Ceramic Pigment Enamel Powder Chrome Oxide Green

Other Inorganic

High Purity Cr2o3 Chromium Oxide Green for Abrasive Polishing

Other Inorganic

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