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digital binocular microscope with camera blood analyser microscope usb digital microscope biological microscope

Digital Binocular Microscope

1.USB digital microscope 2. with 1/2 COMS camera 3.pixel :3 million 4.resolution:2048*1536 interface:USB2.0

binocular microscope 40X-1000X with 3 megapixel Camera bacteria analyse microscope blood analyse microscope

Stereo microscopes

digital binocular microscope with camera usb digital microscope live and dry blood analyze microscope l

Stereo microscopes

digital binocular microscope with camera usb digital microscope live and dry blood analyze microscope l

Stereo microscopes

Summer Han
Summer Han

15 Products Hefei, China (Mainland)

MBU330B Binocular Biological Microscope education,laboratory,medical microscope

MBU330B Binocular Biological

MBU330B Binocular Biological Microscope
Excellent image quality
Experienced manufacturer
used in education,laboratory
MBU330B Binocular Biological

MBU160B Optical Binocular Biological Microscope

Stereo microscopes

ms hong
ms hong

15 Products Ningbo, China (Mainland)

EZ460D Educational USB Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope Binocular

EZ460D Educational USB

Detailed Product Description Certificated by CE/TUV,GS/TUV.
As technical improvement,manufacturer has right to make renovation

SZ4 Series Zoom Setreo Microscope

Stereo microscopes

BH200M series metallurgical microscopes


SZM Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

Stereo microscopes

45degree inclined binocular stereo microscope (XTX-205B)

45degree Inclined Binocular

Detailed Product Description binocular stereo microscope(XTX-205B)
45degree inclined binocular head with locked-in eyepiece

20X-40X Binocular stereo microscope(XTX-204C)

Stereo microscopes

10X-20X Binocular Stereo Microscope(XTX-205A)

Stereo microscopes

10X-20X Binocular stereo microscope XTX-204A

Stereo microscopes

Flip-up CH 3.5x Dental Binocular Loupe Microscope

Flip-up CH 3.5x Dental

Detailed Product Description
CH 3.5x dental Loupe Microscope
1) The brightest image
2) Large field of view
3) High quality and

Flip-up CH 3x Dental Binocular Vision Loupes Medical Microscope Magnifier High Quality


Leo Xia
Leo Xia

2 Connections 33 Products Nanjing, China (Mainland)

Promotional/6.7X-45X binocular stereo microscope


zoom ratio:6.7:1
eyepiece magnifacation:10X/22mm
1> name

Promotional/6.7X-45X binocular microscope

Stereo microscopes

7X-45X Binocular zoom stereo microscope

Stereo microscopes

6.7X-45X binocular microscope

Stereo microscopes

sammi yu
sammi yu

20 Products YUYAO, China (Mainland)

BS-2010BD Binocular Digital Microscope

BS-2010BD Binocular Digital

Introduction This binocular digital microscope features a built in 1.3 MegaPixel Digital Microscopy Camera and professional software offering

BLM-260 LCD Digital Biological Microscope

Digital cameras

BS-6000A Upright Metallurgical Microscope

Stereo microscopes

BLM-280 LCD Digital Microscope

Digital cameras

HZB-3 Jewelry microscope/ Trinocular microscope

HZB-3 Jewelry Microscope

1.Eyepiece SWF10X
2.Objective 1X-4X
3.Incident light Halogen Lamp 12V 10W
Fluorescent 10W
1.Viewing Head:Inclined

XTX-8C Stereo Microscope/CE/ Microscope for electronics/ Three objective

Stereo microscopes

SZ845-3 6.4X-52X zoom stereo microscope/Research Microscope

Stereo microscopes

XTX-9C 10X/20X/30X three pairs of objective, stereo microscope

Stereo microscopes

A12.0201 Laboratory Microscope student microscope

A12.0201 Laboratory

Detailed Product Description 1.With plan objectives
2.Binocular or trinocular head inclined 30 available
3.Kohler illumination

A15.0101 Polarizing Microscope

Stereo microscopes

A14.0901 Inverted Microscope

Stereo microscopes

A12.0204 Laboratory Microscope

Stereo microscopes

manual biological microscope

Manual Biological Microscope

Monocular Biological Microscope
Eyepiece: WF10X,(WF16X

Biological microscope

Stereo microscopes

Multi Purpose Biological Microscope

Stereo microscopes

surgical microscope/Surgical optical colposcopy

Surgical Microscope/Surgical

1.Metal instrument fuselage,long life.
2,Build-in green & blue filter.
3.Supply at any time.
Optic & Video

WHO Sperm analyzer

Medical Equipment

Mr. Kevin QIAO
Mr. Kevin QIAO

15 Products Xuzhou, China (Mainland)

ophthalmic Operation Microscope(ASOM-3A)

Ophthalmic Operation

Detailed Product Description high definition optical system, perfect depth-of-focus, economical price.for ophthalmology.

ASOM-5B Nuerosurgical operation microscope

Stereo microscopes

ASOM-4/C hand surgery Operating Microscope

Dental equipment

plastic surgical microscope(ASOM-4/B)

Stereo microscopes

Operation microscope

Operation Microscope

The product is a double binocular operation microscope designed for two men.
Operation microscope Characteristics:

XTX-2 Sereis Stereo Microscope

XTX-2 Sereis Stereo

1.Sharp stereo erect image over a wide field of view.
2.45° inclined and 360° rotational binocular head with locked-in eyepiece. The

XTX-6 Sereis Stereo Microscope

Stereo microscopes

XTX-3 Sereis Stereo Microscope

Stereo microscopes

Mr Ken
Mr Ken

12 Products Ningbo, Zhejiang

XY Series Clinical Biological Microscope

XY Series Clinical

Optical Infinity Corrected Optical System
Head Gemel type of binocular head,30' inclined
Gemel type of trinocular head, 30' inclined

Metallurgical Microscope

Stereo microscopes

SZM Series Zoom Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopes

SZ Series Zoom Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopes

N-120 Biological Microscope

N-120 Biological Microscope

Sharp Image Display with Excellent Optical Function. Small Space Occupancy with Integral Stand Design, Low Environment Req

N-300M Laboratory Biological Microscope


BM2100 Laboratory Biological Microscope


BX200 Advanced Upright Trinocular Biological Microscope

BX200 Advanced Upright

Trinocular Biological Microscope
E- Plan Achromatic objectives
LED Illumination Systems
BX200 Advanced Upright Biological

HOT SALE! 7" High Resolution Video Microscope

Stereo microscopes

HOT SALE! 9.7" High Resolution Digital Camera on Microscope

Stereo microscopes

HOT SALE! 7" High Resolution Quality Control Microscope

Stereo microscopes

Zhiqiang Liu
Zhiqiang Liu

15 Products shenzhen, China (Mainland)

DMS-553 digital LCD metallurgical microscope for industry inpection

DMS-553 Digital LCD

1. 9" HD screen and resolution: 1280*800
2. 5M image,720P/30fps HD video and store SD card
3. HDMI HD output

DMS-653 digital LCD biological microscope with HDMI HD output

Stereo microscopes

DMS-655 series digital LCD biological medical microscope

Stereo microscopes

DMS-559 metallurgical LCD microscope with big stage

Stereo microscopes

mr Steven
mr Steven

20 Products China (Mainland)

Operation Microscope for Ent & Dental Surgery (LZJ-6E)

Operation Microscope For Ent

LZJ-6E Operation Microscope for ENT & Dental Surgery
1. The main scope adopts optical gemel binocular. The max tilting angle

3W LED Medical Head Light for Microscope(HL8000)

3W LED Medical Head Light

HL8000 3W LED Head Light
It brings you the most advanced lighting technology. Our new LED Headlight provides cool, bright, white light for

Colposcope (AM-COL-B)

Hospital equipment

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