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F103 biological microscope / biological microscope / multipurpose microscope / microscope / V shape microscope

F103 Biological Microscope

F series biological microscope, its compact design made it small and light for carry and provides clear image, wide field.

S02 monocular biological microscope / biological microscope / XSP-02 microscope / student microscope


B108 trinocular biological microscope / multipurpose biological microscope / XSP-104 microscope


F104 binocular biological microscope / multipurpose biological microscope / binocular microscope

Aquaculture Traps

XSP-35TV Samply CCD interface biological microscope

XSP-35TV Samply CCD

Biological Microscope ,The Total Magnification is 100X - 1600X,
12V/20W Halogen Lamp
xSP-35tv Biological Microscope have

XSP-33 Plano-concave Mirror biological microscope


XSP-31 Disc Diaphragm biological microscope


XSP-32 Iris Diaphragm biological microscope


Binocular Biological High School Microscope Model:106

Binocular Biological High

Biological microscope:106B
Standard Specifications:
Viewing Head: Compensation Binocular Head ,30 °inclined, Interpupillary Distance

Biological Binocular Microscope


Biological Trinocular Laboratory  Microscope


Inverted Biological Meaasuring Portable Microscope


Biological Microscope GM-01E

Biological Microscope GM-01E

Fully coated optical system, Mechanical tube length 160MM
Interpupilary distance 55-75MM, 360° Rotatable
45MM parfocal and achromatic

Biological Microscope XSP-301C


Biological Microscope XSP-101C


Biological Microscope XSP-307B


Digital Monocular Biological LCD Screen Microscope for Students

Digital Monocular Biological

1.3.5" LCD Screen
2. Support USB, TV output
3. Monocular head
4.LED Light
5.Suitable for kids,hobbyist

7x-45x Incident light binocular greenough stereo microscopes


7x-45x Bincocular Zoom Stereo Microscopes With Incident and bottom LED Light


7x-45x stereo binocular microscope with top and bottom LED light


mr David
mr David

20 Products Ningbo, China (Mainland)

Multi-function Biological Microscope XSZ-PW158

Multi-function Biological

1. Popular design
2. Experienced manufacturer
3. ISO, CE
4. OEM
5. Used in veterinary, education, lab, hospital
Multi-function Biological Microscope XSZ-PW158 Specification: Binocular Head: 0 to 40 degree inclined, IPD=55-75mm, Diopter adjustment Eyepiece: WF10X (with above 22mm view field) Universal Infinity Plan Objective: 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X(s), 100X(s, oil) Nosepiece: Quindruple click-stop, revolving mechanism with ball-bearing Stage: Double layers mechanical stage, 180x160mm/75x50mm Condenser: Abbe NA=1.25 with Iris diaphrame and filter Kohler Illumination: 12V/30W, 50W, 100W Halogen lamp can be choosen Adjustable brightness 85V ~ 265V universal power supply Focusing: Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment, Focusing range 30mm, Focusing interval 0.002mm, Symmetric positioning of fine Control and stage handle Standard accessory: Spare halogen lamp --- 1pc; BGX1-20(0. 5A) fuse --- 2pcs; Blue ground glass filter --- 1pc; Immersion Oil --- 1 bottle; Dust cover --- 1pc; Instruction Manual in English --- 1pc Optional Accessory: Dark Field Attachment; Fluorescent Attachment; Phase contrast attachment; Dry & Immersion Dark Field condenser; Simple Polarization attachment; Digital Camera

Inverted Biological Microscope PW-BDS200


XSZ-PW146 Binocular Biological Microscope


Digital Biological Microscope DN-PW117M


Sawyer Lee
Sawyer Lee

33 Products NINGBO, China (Mainland)

Trinocular Digital Biological Microscope

Trinocular Digital

Application area: biology teaching and scientific research in university, middle and primary school
◆Viewing head: hinged

MIC-E serials biological microscope

MIC-E Serials Biological

MIC-E serials biological microscope
Optical system

MIC Intescope biological microscope


XDS-5B research level inverted biological microscope


MIC-100i biological microscope


David M
David M

20 Products Chongqing, Chongqing

BK Series Biological Microscope

BK Series Biological

BK-FL2/FL4 Series Biological Microscope Outfits

Cary Zeng
Cary Zeng

79 Products shanghai, China

Mini USB Microscope um02 vitiny

Mini USB Microscope Um0

Mini USB Digital Microscope
The smallest and lightest USB microscope, with real 2M pixels CMOS image sensor, even the

Mobile Microscope pro10 vitiny


SZ7 Series Monocular Zoom Stereo Video Microscope

SZ7 Series Monocular Zoom

Detailed Product Description Certificated by CE/TUV,GS/TUV.
As technical improvement,manufacturer has right to make renovation

SZM Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

Stereo microscopes

ST60 Series Stereo Microscope

Stereo microscopes

XTL series Zoom Stereo  microscope XTL0745BT4

XTL Series Zoom Stereo

1.Zoom Stereo microscope image
3.Microscope magnification 7x~45x
XTL Series Zoom stereo Microscope

XTL series Zoom Stereo  microscope XTL0745B1


Double omnipotence arm Zoom Stereo  microscope XTL0745 BTZII


Zoom Stereo  microscope XTL0745 J4 LEDilluminator


Steven Liu
Steven Liu

33 Products Ningbo, China (Mainland)

USB handheld digital microscope

USB Handheld Digital

Observe,analyze and study animal & plant cells,specimens and
entities under PC screen either in biology class or home.

Mike Xu
Mike Xu

33 Products 1 Shipment 1 Customer Hangzhou, China (Mainland)

MF31 routine epi fluorescence microscope in LED fluorescence illuminator

MF31 Routine Epi

MF31 LED Fluorescence Microscope
MF31 fluorescence microscope brings you a vivid full-range view and very

MF52-LED is an inverted fluorescence microscope equipment with blue, green and UV


MS60 6.3MP scientific camera (sCMOS)with 30fps at full resolutionn


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