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Rectangle Magnet /Block Magnet /Square Plate (N35/ N45 / N30M)

Rectangle Magnet /Block

Item: Neodymium Magnet/ NdFeB Magnet/permanent Neodymium Magnet/Sintered NdFeB Magnet
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Certificate: ISO

Hightemperature- Rectangle Magnet /Block Magnet /Square Plate (N35SH/ N45SH / N48H)


Rectangle /Block /Square Plate Neodymium Magnet (N35/ N40 / N38)

Rakes & spading

Rectangle/Block /Square Plate-Neodymium Magnet (N35/ N45 / N30M) for Separator

Rakes & spading

Safe Lifting Magnet HLM2 Permanent Magnetic Lifter for Steel Plate Lifting

Safe Lifting Magnet HLM

permanent lifting magnet for steel plate
Lifting weight: 100kgs -6000kgs
Lead time: 7 days
3 Safety factor

magnet welding fixture for steel plate magnetic welding fixture tools

Welding Equipment

plate lifting magnet material handling magnetic lifter

Magnetic materials

1000KG Large Permanent Magnetic Lifter for Steel Plate

Magnetic sensors

Davisn Ren
Davisn Ren

20 Products Zhuzhou, China (Mainland)

High Quality Plate Neodymium Magnet/ flat industrial magnets

High Quality Plate Neodymium

1. Excellent quality ISO 9001:2008,TUV
2. Competiitve price
3. Fast delivery
4. Superior customer service
5. Since

High Quality Plate Neodymium Magnet/ industrial magnet sheets

NdFeB magnets

High Quality Plate Neodymium Magnet/ flat magnet

NdFeB magnets

Ms. Bei Cao
Ms. Bei Cao

16 Products Beijing, China (Mainland)

Strong Mini Magnetic Circular super Power Hook Neodymium magnet Hanger Magnet Home Kitchen Wall Hold fridge magnet

Strong Mini Magnetic

Strong Mini Magnetic Circular super Power Hook Neodymium magnet Hanger Magnets Linked Home Kitchen Wall Hold fridge magnets

50 x 5mm Hole 6mm Countersunk Ring Magnets Disc Rare Earth Neodymium Permanent Magnet  N52

NdFeB magnets

15 mm x 5 mm Strong Ring Magnets Countersunk Hole 5 mm Rare Earth Neodymium Circular coating Ni Neodymium magnet N35

NdFeB magnets

60x10x5 mm Strong Neodymium Magnets Block NdFeB Rare Earth Craft DIY Powerful magnet N35

NdFeB magnets

NdFeB Magnet Discs Plating Ni (D10*10mm)

NdFeB Magnet Discs Plating

NdFeB Magnet Discs Plating Ni
Magnetic properties:
1. Materials: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron;
2. Grades: N35-N52; N35M-N

Special Strong Permanent NdFeB Arc Magnets (R22mm*R16mm*L33mm)

Permanent magnets

PVC Magnetic Button for Clothing (N35-N52)

Magnetic materials

Sink Bore Magnet


material handling magnet MW84-9030T for steel plate

Material Handling Magnet MW

material handling magnet
1.designed to lift steel plate
2.Multi-set conbination use permitted
3. for normal temperature plate

material handling magnet MW84-10535T for steel plate


lifting magnet MW04-32T for handling steel plate

Car Lifts

lifting magnet MW04-40T for handling steel plate

Car Lifts

Zhiqiang He
Zhiqiang He

15 Products YUEYANG, China (Mainland)

Neodymium Magnet Neo Discs Nickel plated N35

Neodymium Magnet Neo Discs

1. Material: Neodymium Neo Disc Nickel plated
2. Grade: 35-50(N, M, H, SH series)
3. Coating: Nickel, Zinc, Epoxy, Parylene

Neodymium disc magnet Nickel plated


shining nickel plated ring neodymium magnet

Shining Nickel Plated Ring

shining nickel plated ring neodymium magnet
1 material:neodymium magnet.
2 shape:ring.
3 grade:N35-N52.
4 ISO/TS16949-2009.

gold plated round neodymium magnets


Guiying Liang
Guiying Liang

15 Products NINGBO, China (Mainland)

Direct Factory 600kg Steel Plate Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Direct Factory 600kg Steel

Manual permanent Magnetic Lifter
The lifting magnets main uses and characteristics
1. Magnetic lifter widely used in machining and mould

Sector Decorative Plate With Magnet

Sector Decorative Plate With

Detailed Product Description Sector Decorative Plate With Magnet
1.Item NO.:HS12017

Sector Decorative Plate With Magnet


Large Tile Nickel Plated Magnet

Large Tile Nickel Plated

Product Description
rare earth magnet is axially magnetized, so the strong North/South

Thin Nickel Plated Ring Magnet

NdFeB magnets

Nickel Plated Disc Permanent Ndfeb Magnet

NdFeB magnets

Countersunk Nickel Plated Magnet

NdFeB magnets

Alawn Xu
Alawn Xu

31 Products Hangzhou, China

Nickel Plated Neodymium Magnets

Nickel Plated Neodymium

Ring NdFeB magnets
NdFeB(Neodymium Iron Boron)magnet is an alloy magnet made from ND, Fe, B and other metal elements. As the third generation of

Super Strong N42 Block Neodymium Magnet


NdFeB Magnets in Block Shape


N42 Ring Neodymium Magnet


Glenda Liao
Glenda Liao

15 Products Shenzhen/Guangdong, China

Series MW04 for thin steel plate Lifting Magnet

Series MW04 For Thin Steel

1. suitable for lifting single steel plate
2. 12 months warranty
3. Passed ISO9001:2008 Certificate

supply lifting plate steel permanent lifting magnets


Supply good quality YCD1 series permanent lifting magnet

Permanent magnets

Permanent Magnetic Lifter YX2 Series


Allison Sun
Allison Sun

33 Products Yueyang, China (Mainland)

Neodymium NdFeB magnet plate

Neodymium NdFeB Magnet Plate

1. High property NdFeB magnet
2. Early involved in design stage
3. High grade: N52, N48H, N45SH
4. Annual capacity:100

Jonna zhou
Jonna zhou

1 Product Baotou, China (Mainland)

Magnetic Plate

Magnetic Plate

1. Over 4000 Gs
2. 5-7 days delivery time
3.The magnetic force can over 50mm - 80mm.
1. Over 4000 Gs 2. 5-7 days

Magnetic Plate

Magnetic snaps

Lifting Magnet for steel plate

Lifting Magnet For Steel

In the permanent magnetic lifter, there is a magetic system formed by NdFeb magnetic materials with strong

Square Magnetic Fixture

Magnetic materials

Motor NdFeB Magnet Motor Magnet Neodymium Magnet for Motor

Motor NdFeB Magnet Motor

motor magnet material neodymium magnet
Shape: arc shape
high grade is available, such as 33H, 30H, 35SH, 30SH,30UH
Grade Available:N35, N

N52 NdFeB Magnets N52 Neodymium Magnet


NdFeB Magnet Neodymium magnets


Moto Magnet Rotor NdFeB Magnet


communication magnet, mobile phone magnet

Communication Magnet, Mobile

1.High property.N35-n52...33EH
2.High precision.
3.Low price.
Sintered NdFeB magnets are a type of

Vibrating motor magnet, permanent magnet.


Micro motor magnet, permanent magnet.


Switch magnet, permanent magnet.


Dingfang Liu
Dingfang Liu

20 Products Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Custom Neodymium Magnet Pot/Cup Magnet

Custom Neodymium Magnet Pot

Cup magnets are specialty magnets designed exclusively for holding. The Rare Earth Magnets are affixed into a steel cup which allows the cup to

Permanent Sintered Magnet Neo/Nib Magnets

Permanent magnets

Permanent Neodymium /NdFeB Powerful Pot Magnet

Permanent magnets

Custom Sintered Permanent NdFeB/Neodymium Magnet

NdFeB magnets

magnetic ndfeb magnet

Magnetic Ndfeb Magnet

magnetic ndfeb magnet
2.Size:according to your requirement
3.Coating:Ni,Zn,Black Ni,NiCuNi,etc
magnetic ndfeb

Rare Earth Permanent Magnets

Rare-earth magnets

Neodymium Arc Magnet

NdFeB magnets

magnet neodymium


Yongliang Tang
Yongliang Tang

15 Products Ningbo, China (Mainland)

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