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Safe Lifting Magnet HLM2 Permanent Magnetic Lifter for Steel Plate Lifting

Safe Lifting Magnet HLM

permanent lifting magnet for steel plate
Lifting weight: 100kgs -6000kgs
Lead time: 7 days
3 Safety factor

plate lifting magnet material handling magnetic lifter

Magnetic materials

1000KG Large Permanent Magnetic Lifter for Steel Plate

Magnetic sensors

Magnetic Lifter Lifting Steel Slabs

Magnetic sensors

Davisn Ren
Davisn Ren

20 Products Zhuzhou, China (Mainland)

HEPM1 series circular electro permanent magnetic lifter

HEPM1 Series Circular

HEPM1 series circular electro permanent magnetic lifter
Customized products
Energy-saving lifting magnet
Safety lifting magne

HEPM1 series circular electro permanent magnetic lifter


mr Ren
mr Ren

18 Products Zhuzhou, China (Mainland)

Permanent Magnet Lifter manufacture

Permanent Magnet Lifter

Detailed Product Description 1. Various kind of magnet and magnetic product.
2. Best quality and good price.
3. Short lead

YX-2 Series Permanent magnetic lifter

YX-2 Series Permanent

1.Strong lifting capability
2.Small in size
4.Long service life
5.Suitable for lifting short and thick plate

material handling magnet MW84-9030T for steel plate


material handling magnet MW84-10535T for steel plate


Zhiqiang He
Zhiqiang He

15 Products YUEYANG, China (Mainland)

Scrap Lifter Electro Magnet

Scrap Lifter Electro Magnet

1. High lifting capacity, light self-weight
2. insulation grade can be up to F
3. Low power consumption, long service life

Scrap Lifter Electromagnet


Shenglong Li
Shenglong Li

15 Products YueYang City, China (Mainland)

Direct Factory 600kg Steel Plate Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Direct Factory 600kg Steel

Manual permanent Magnetic Lifter
The lifting magnets main uses and characteristics
1. Magnetic lifter widely used in machining and mould

Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter(Hc-2ton)

Automatic Permanent Magnetic

1.Use high-permanent-magnet materials,Nd-Fe-B,as the core,which makes it smaller and stonger.You never need to replace the core as its magnetic

Permanent Magnetic Lifter(HD-2TON)

Permanent magnets

Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent magnets

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent magnets

Ms Joanna
Ms Joanna

4 Products Lishui, Huzhen

Permanent Magnetic Lifter YX2 Series

Permanent Magnetic Lifter YX

Permanent Magnetic Lifter
1.shifting magnetic circuit type
2. ratchet wheel/down bar type
3.full automatically at work
Permanent Magnetic Lifter YX

Permanent-Magnetic Lifter of Series YX3


Permanent Magnet Lifter YCD1 series


Supply good quality YCD1 series permanent lifting magnet

Permanent magnets

Allison Sun
Allison Sun

33 Products Yueyang, China (Mainland)

N35 magnet/ndfeb permanent magnet/neodymium magnet

N35 Magnet/ndfeb Permanent

1. N35 magnet
2. the most common neodymium magnet
3. High quality and best price
4. OEM acceptable

Excellent performance neodymium magnet

Excellent Performance

1.Excellent performance neodymium magnet
3.Certificate:RoHS,REACH,Halogen testing pass

Sam Wu
Sam Wu

1 Product Xiamen, China

Manual operation permanent magnetic lifterYB1 series

Manual Operation Permanent

1.manual operation
2.permanent magnetic
3.strong attraction force
4.small volume
5.high energy-saving

Jade Zhang
Jade Zhang

5 Connections 33 Products Yueyang, China (Mainland)

Lifting Electro Magnet for Steel Scrap (MW5)

Lifting Electro Magnet For

Lifting Electromagnet MW5 Series for handling steels, working as lifting appliance of traveling electric crane, mobile crane/ lifting truck, excavator

NdFeb Magnet-Sector for Motors

NdFeb Magnet-Sector For

Detailed Product Description a. Grade from N35SH to N35EH
b. Coating: Zinc, Nickel, Epoxy
c. Certificate: ISO9001:2008

NdFeb Magnet-Arc for Motors

Synchronous motors

Block NdFeb magnet

NdFeB magnets



Gion permanent magnetic lifter has strong magnetic path produced by NdFeB magnet.On and off of the magnetic path is controlled by turning the

Lifting Magnet for steel plate

Lifting Magnet For Steel

In the permanent magnetic lifter, there is a magetic system formed by NdFeb magnetic materials with strong

Lifting Permanent Electromagnet

Lifting Permanent

Detailed Product Description Lifting Permanent Electromagnet
They are been used to lift and transport the steel and iron for

Lifting Permanent Electromagnet

Lift Tables

Lifting Electromagnets


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