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magnetic filter magnet filter bar Ndfeb magnet

Magnetic Filter Magnet

Detailed Product Description magnetic filter,magnetic bar, with ndfeb magnet, strong magnetism, filter scrap iron. diameter and length

magnetic filter magnet filter bar Ndfeb magnet


magnetic sheet,0.3 0.4 0.75mm glossy white vinyl,adhesive,flexible rubber magnet,printable magnet,pop display,pp film

Magnetic Sheet,0.3 0.4

Detailed Product Description 1.magnetic sheet with glossy vinyl;
2.flexible rubber magnet;
3.ferrous sheet,plastic magnet;

flexible magnet with glossy vinyl


Motor NdFeB Magnet Motor Magnet Neodymium Magnet for Motor

Motor NdFeB Magnet Motor

motor magnet material neodymium magnet
Shape: arc shape
high grade is available, such as 33H, 30H, 35SH, 30SH,30UH
Grade Available:N35, N

N52 NdFeB Magnets N52 Neodymium Magnet


NdFeB Magnet Neodymium magnets


Moto Magnet Rotor NdFeB Magnet


Fine Magnetic Powder

Fine Magnetic Powder

Detailed Product Description Fine Magnetic Powderis made of AlNiCo magnet and through cracked it into re quired particle size.

Sintered Tile Neodymium Magnet


Magnet Field Injection Machine


Magnet Field Injection Machine


rubber magnet----zhuji gion magnet technology co.,ltd

Rubber Magnet----zhuji Gion

Rubber Magnet
Rubber magnet by the magnetic (SrO6Fe2O3), polyethylene (CPE) and other additives (EBSO, DOP) etc., produced by extrusion

Neodymium permanent magnet---zhuji gion magnet technology co.,ltd

NdFeB magnets

Adhesive Ferrite magnet /rare earth magnet

Adhesive Ferrite Magnet

1.Permanent magnets for fan motor.
2.Composite:strontium ferrite
3.Stable performance+competitive price.

Barium Hard Sintered Barium Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite cores

mr jin
mr jin

1 Connection 30 Products Changping, China (Mainland)

hard ferrite magnet for magnetic motor

Hard Ferrite Magnet For

Detailed Product Description 1.Permanent magnets for motorcycle motor.
2.Strontium ferrite.
3.ISO/TS 16949.

hard ferrite magnets for electric tool motors


Hard Ferrite Magnets for Wiper Motor of Auto

Ferrite magnets

Permanent Magnets for Starter Motors of Auto


Permanent Sintered Magnet Neo/Nib Magnets

Permanent Sintered Magnet

Neodymium magnets are composed of Neodymium, Iron and Boron. Density of Neodymium magnets is. 27Lb/in3 (7.5g/cm3).
Neodymium magnets are

Custom Sintered Permanent NdFeB/Neodymium Magnet

NdFeB magnets

Permanent Custom Strong Sintered Neo Magnets (N45)

Permanent magnets

Custom Strong Permanent Sintered Neo Magnet (N35)

Permanent magnets

Strong Soft Flexible Rubber Magnet Adhesive Magnetic Tape For fridge whiteboard

Strong Soft Flexible Rubber

Strong Soft Flexible Rubber Magnet Adhesive Magnetic Tape For fridge whiteboard
Flexible Rubber Magnet is made of polymer materials, imported

Self-Adhesive Magnet Magnetic Canvas Sheet Roll

Self-Adhesive Magnet

It is made from Strontium or Barium Ferrite powder mixed with polymers and is widely used in Magnetic Sign, ad, gift, name card and toy etc. We can

Flexible Magnet Strip Size 12.5 X 1.5mm


Rubber Magnetic Strip Perforated 10 Ft X 1 in X 30 Mil with PVC

Metal detectors

Flexible Rubber Magnetic Roll Strip with Adhesive 10ft X 1 in X 60 Mil


Allen Wong
Allen Wong

16 Products Ningbo/Zhejiang, China

permanent magnetic roller(dry type)

Permanent Magnetic Roller

This roller that also called magnetic pulley or dry agglomerate magnetic roller has two categories: full magnetic and half magnetic. It is a rotator

bonded ndfeb magnet

Bonded Ndfeb Magnet

Bonded NdFeB Magnet is a new type of composite permanent magnetic materials which is processed by a craft metod ( Comperssing, Injection, Pressing

Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator (CR)

Rare Earth Roll Magnetic

Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator is high intensity magnetic separation machine for dry process. It is applicable for clean ceramics materials like

Double Vertical Ring High Gradient Magnetic Separator (DLS-250)


Pair-Pole High Intensity Magnetic Separator - Process Ceramic Materials (DLSD)


rare earth ring magnet with countersink

Rare Earth Ring Magnet With

rare earth ring magnet with countersink
Sintered neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnet has the high remanence, high coercive

rare earth Neodymium disc magnet


rare earth Neodymium ring magnet


rare earth Neodymium ring magnet


Jack Yang
Jack Yang

33 Products Hangzhou, China

with self-adhesive 0.4-5MM flexible magnetic sheet

With Self-adhesive 0.4-5MM

Detailed Product Description rubber magnet sheet
1Material:rubber magnet
2Top quality magnet sheet
3Perment magnet sheet
Thickness:0.4-5mm magnetic

flexible motor used in top quality magnetic sheet

Magnetic materials

flexible with self-adhesive tape rubber magnetic strip

Magnetic materials

flexible coated different color PVC paper magnetic roll

Magnetic materials

NdFeB Magnetic Stick/Bar

NdFeB Magnetic Stick/Bar

Magnetic Filters, Permanent Magnetic Filter, magnetic Filter Bar:
Component Part: Strong permanent magnetic tubes fixed onto a framework

Strong samarium cobalt magnet

Strong Samarium Cobalt

1.SmCo magnet has high performance
2.SmCo magnet has low temperature coefficient
3.SmCo magnet has high working temperature
Smco magnet is made of samarium and cobalt and other rare-earth elements, means 35% Sm, 60% Co with the balance being Fe

Strong Smco Ring Magnets


Strong Neodymium DC motor Magnet


SmCo Ring magnet


ms hu
ms hu

20 Products Hangzhou, China (Mainland)

permanent bonded ndfeb neodymium magnet motor

Permanent Bonded Ndfeb

bonded ndfeb magnet:
1)High quality and the best price
2)Good corrosion resistance
3)Max continuous working temperature

manual bonded electric lifting magnet


make bonded neodymium permanent magnet


bonded ndfeb magnet neodymium speaker


Bright Tang
Bright Tang

33 Products Hangzhou, China (Mainland)



Features of Sintered NdFeB
The most powerful magnets commercially available
Manufactured by a powder metallurgical process involving the

NDFEB magnets

NdFeB magnets

magnetic whiteboard sheets

Magnetic Whiteboard Sheets

magnetic whiteboard sheets
1. Versatility, low cost,and ease of use material
3.Prompt deliver

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