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GreenE Medical Sports Tape Body soft Muscle Elastic Adhesive Muscle Bandage Support Elastic Cohesive Bandage Strapping Health Muscle Trainer Bandage Color Skin 5X300CM

GreenE Medical Sports Tape

The medical tape made with germanium titanium and patented composite ingredient. Using Nano-scale infrared technology

GreenE Medical Sports Tape Body soft Muscle Elastic Adhesive Muscle Bandage Support Elastic Cohesive Bandage Strapping Health Muscle Trainer Bandage Color Black 5X300CM

Adhesive bandages

GreenE Medical Sports Tape Body soft Muscle Elastic Adhesive Muscle Bandage Support Elastic Cohesive Bandage Strapping Health Muscle Trainer Bandage Color Blue 5X300CM

Adhesive bandages

GreenE Medical Sports Tape Body soft Muscle Elastic Adhesive Muscle Bandage Support Elastic Cohesive Bandage Strapping Health Muscle Trainer Bandage Color Pink 5X300CM

Adhesive bandages

medical bandage adhesive tape pe bandages

Medical Bandage Adhesive

medical bandage adhesive tape pe bandages
1:features:water proof and breathable
2:PE material
3:no damage on your skin

medical adhesive tape micropore

Adhesive bandages

medical pe adhesive tape

Medical Supplies

Zinc Oxide sport Medical Tape

Medical Supplies

Manufacturer Colorful Medical Elastic Cohesive Bandage

Manufacturer Colorful

Manufacturer Colorful Medical Elastic Cohesive Bandage
Features: (nonwoven cohesive bandages)

Cheap China Supplier Pet Adhesive Elastic Cohesive Bandage

Pet care products

daisy wang
daisy wang

4 Products Shanghai, China

Easy-operated medical disposable medical bandage

Easy-operated Medical

1)simple operation
2)High hardness
3)Light weight
4)Environmental protection
5)X ray permissibility

light weight and colorful medical bandage

Medical Supplies

Easy-operated device medical bandage

Medical Supplies

comfortable using medical bandage

Medical Supplies

Wound dressing bandage,Hemostatic bandage,military bandage

Wound Dressing Bandage

1.Wound dressing bandage
2.Military wound dressing bandage
3.Hemostatic bandage
4.Approved CE
5.Application for milltary

Triangular Bandage, cotton triangular bandage

Adhesive bandages

Emergency Hemostatic Bandage,military wound dressing bandage

Adhesive bandages

Hellen Hu
Hellen Hu

33 Products Zhuozhou, China (Mainland)

Camouflage cotton elastic bandage,Elastic bandage,cotton bandage

Camouflage Cotton Elastic

Detailed Product Description 1, Cohesive Bandage
2, Military bandage
3, Camouflage elastic bandage
4, Adhesive Cotton

Emergency Hemostatic bandage

Emergency Tools

One hand Tourniquet,combat tourniquet,CAT tourniquet


100% Cotton Medical Crepe Bandage, Hospital, surgical

100% Cotton Medical Crepe

100% cotton crepe bandage consists of high quality cotton yarn.
wrinkled bleached white, wrinkled natural white,

Medical Mesh Elastic Bandage

Medical Mesh Elastic Bandage

Medical Mesh Elastic Bandage
Cohesive elastic Bandage
Cohesive Wrap

Cotton Cohesive Bandage In Solid Color

Adhesive bandages

Veterinary Cohesive Elastic Bandages

Adhesive bandages

Printed Cohesive Elastic Bandage

Adhesive bandages

Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee

9 Products Shanghai, China

Spandex Elastic Gauze conforming medical Bandage

Spandex Elastic Gauze

Spandex elastic bandage is made of spandex and cotton threads.For treatment,after-care and prevention of recurrence ofinjuries.
elastic bandage
1. The color: this white, bleaching, color of

surgical elastic medical conforming 100% cotton Gauze Bandage

Medical Supplies

100% Cotton crepe conforming bandage

Cotton fabric

Conforming elastic bandage

Adhesive bandages

Yanqing Chen
Yanqing Chen

15 Products NANTONG, China (Mainland)

medical plaster bandage

Medical Plaster Bandage

medical plaster bandage
1.Material:PE, PVC
3.Supply ability:1,000,000pcs/day

medical elastic bandage

Medical Supplies

Adhesive medical bandage plaster

Medical Supplies

Medical adhesive plastic bandage

Adhesive bandages

Medical, Veterinary Self Cohesive Bandage, different colours

Medical, Veterinary Self

Self Cohesive Bandage
Non-woven or Cotton substrate.
Sticks to itself, does not stick to hair, skin and clothing

Hot sell Self Cohesive Bandage, non woven cloth with latex

Bandage scissors

Veterinary Bandage with Self Cohesive

Bandage scissors

Self Cohesive Bandage

Bandage scissors

Disposable Medical Gauze Bandage

Disposable Medical Gauze

1. health
2. disposable
3. used in medical
4. absorbent
5. individually wrapped

Jianrong Li
Jianrong Li

33 Products Nanning, China (Mainland)

medical bandage(Assorted Sizes)

Medical Bandage(Assorted

Medical Dressing,Medical Bandage,Wound care:
SIZE: 72*19,56*19,40*10,22MM
Material:Non-woven fabric
Medical Dressing,Medical Bandage,Wound

Non woven adhesive bandage

Adhesive bandages

Interesting adhesive bandage

Adhesive bandages

Aiping Mao
Aiping Mao

15 Products Yiwu, China (Mainland)

first aid adhesive bandage for medical supplies

First Aid Adhesive Bandage

1. Medical consumption
2. Water and bacteria proof
3. Low sensitivity & moderate viscosity
4. Breathable & comfortable

comfortable adhesive bandage for medical use

Medical Supplies

disposable water proof medical adhesive bandage

Adhesive bandages

Yunjie Zhou
Yunjie Zhou

15 Products zhengzhou, China (Mainland)

ACF medical adhesive bandage

ACF Medical Adhesive Bandage

Detailed Product Description ACF adhesive bandage:1) Carbon fiber absorbent 2) Ethylene oxide sterilization3)Economical & useful


Adhesive bandages

Kids adhesive bandage						  						  			  								Language Option  				  				  				  					French  					German  					Italian  					Russian  					Spanish  					Portuguese  					Korean  					日本語

First-aid kits

colorful band-aid						  						  			  								Language Option  				  				  				  					French  					German  					Italian  					Russian  					Spanish  					Portuguese  					Korean  					日本語

Medical Equipment

Medical plaster of paris bandage 100% cotton gauze

Medical Plaster Of Paris

Medical plaster of paris bandage,white,100% cotton gauze:
1. Solidifying time: 2-5 minutes
2. Very low plaster loss.

Medical Plaster of Paris Bandage

Medical Supplies

Plaster of paris bandage series

Adhesive bandages

Plaster of paris pop bandage

Adhesive bandages

Ruiqing jiang
Ruiqing jiang

18 Products HEFEI, China (Mainland)

Medical Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage With CE Approved

Medical Self Adhesive

CE Approved Self Adhesive Medical Elastic Bandage
1.Material: Non-Woven

Medical Elastic Crepe Bandage With Blue Thread

Elastic bands

Sterile Skin Color Round Adhesive Bandage with CE FDA

Bandage scissors

Cottn Spandex Crepe Bandage( 5cm )

Medical Supplies

Baorong fang
Baorong fang

19 Products Huzhou, China (Mainland)

Medical Human/ Horse Wrapping Sports Cohesive Feather Edge Heavy Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Medical Human/ Horse

1. Adheres to itself,hand tear
2. Non-sticky to hair or skin
3. Provide controlled

Sporting goods physio sports tape EAB tear light elastic adhesive bandage

Adhesive bandages

Strong Rigid Zinc Oxide Medical Strapping Athletic Cotton Sports Taping Tape

Adhesive bandages

waterproof medical tape sport strapping tape colored cotton sport tape manufacturer

Adhesive bandages

medical cotton gauze bandage

Medical Cotton Gauze Bandage

Function:It keeps from bacteria infection,it feels soft and comfortable
1.Made from 100% cotton absorbent gauze
2.In different size and ply.
3.The product is highly soft, absorbency, poison free strictly confirming to BP, EUP

cotton and spendex crepe bandage

Cotton fabric

color box high elastic bandages with rubber(pink)

Elastic bands

elastic crepe bandage

Elastic belts

medical gause bandage

Medical Gause Bandage

4:several specifications

Iris Xu
Iris Xu

33 Products Xinxiang, China (Mainland)

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