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Medical abdominal swabs, lap sponges

Medical Abdominal Swabs, Lap

Dear Sir,
We are the professional manufacturer of medical gauze and various bandages from China.

Medical disposable Gelatin Hemostatic Sponge

Medical Disposable Gelatin

1\abosorbale effectively
2\Process Technology Of Collagen
3\specifications according to the demands of customers

high technology Medical Hemostatic Sponge

Cleaning sponges

Chunbin Wang
Chunbin Wang

33 Products Guilin, China (Mainland)

medical laparotomy sponges

Medical Laparotomy Sponges

medical laparotomy sponges:
1.High absorbency,100% cotton
2.Sterile or non-sterile
3. ISO & CE certified.

lap sponges/laparotomy sponges/abdominal pads

Medical Supplies

Surgical laporotomy sponges

Medical Supplies

medical gauze swabs

Medical Supplies

Joanna Hong
Joanna Hong

33 Products Jiujiang, China (Mainland)

Medical Biologic Protein Sponge containing FGF

Medical Biologic Protein

Detailed Product Description 1. Composition: Collagen and FGF
2. Functions: repair, hemostasis, anti-adhesion
3. Specification

Medical Sponge for Treatment of Diabetic Ulcer, Bedsore,

Medical Supplies

Medical Collagen Sponge with FGF(Fibroblast Growth Factor)

Medical Supplies

Medical Sponge with collage and FGF

Medical Supplies

Medical Gauze Sponge Sterilization

Medical Gauze Sponge

1.Factory of gauze sponge sterilization
2.Expiry: 5 years
3.CE, ISO by TUV,FDA approved USP,EP,BP...
5.sample: free

Medical gauze swabs, gauze sponge (pad)

Medical Supplies

Sterile Non-woven Sponges

Makeup sponges

Non-woven Sponges

Bath sponges

Zhongxiao Wang
Zhongxiao Wang

15 Products Qianjiang, China (Mainland)

100% cotton absorbent medical x-ray detectable surgical gauze sponge gauze swab

100% Cotton Absorbent

gauze swab & gauze sponge
3.non-sterile or sterile,unfolded or folded.
4.X-ray or without

100% cotton medical absorbent X-RAY and blue loop surgical towel and Lap Sponge

Medical Supplies

gauze sponge ,X-ray detectable blue loop , sterile , laparatomy sponge, 100% cotton Lap Sponge

Cleaning sponges

surgical absorbent medical sterile 100% cotton x-ray detectable gauze swabs

Medical Supplies

Yanqing Chen
Yanqing Chen

15 Products NANTONG, China (Mainland)

Soaped Washing Glove/Soaped Sponge,Soaped washing Sponge,washing gloves,Body Wash

Soaped Washing Glove/Soaped

Soaped Washing Glove/Soaped Sponge,Soaped washing Sponge,washing gloves,Body Wash
Wide range of materials and qualities

Air Laid Washing Glove,soaped washing gloves,Soaped washing Sponge,washing gloves,Body Wash

Medical gloves

Dick. Chen
Dick. Chen

31 Products Chuzhou, Anhui

NPWT  PVA sponge negitave pressure wound therapy drssing

NPWT PVA Sponge Negitave

Products Name:
wound therapy drssing PVA sponge
Features and advantages:

Daisy Chen
Daisy Chen

2 Products Weihai, Shandong,China (Mainland)

Sterile gauze lap sponges

Sterile Gauze Lap Sponges

with or without x-ray detectable/x-ray tape, with or without blue or white cotton loop;
material: 100% cotton gauze

Junfeng Liu
Junfeng Liu

31 Products Xinxiang, China (Mainland)

Impregnated Winged Sponges

Impregnated Winged Sponges

Detailed Product Description This products has been registered in FDA and got the NDC successfully
Here we offer a variety of

Gauze sponge

Cotton swabs

Surgical Scrub Brush

Gloves & Mittens

Surgical Scrub Brush

Gloves & Mittens

Laparotomy Sponges

Laparotomy Sponges

Laparotomy Sponges
Laparotomy Sponges (lap. sponges,
abdominal gauze)

Dental Cotton Filled Sponges

Dental Cotton Filled Sponges

The cotton filled exodontia sponge are produced with high quality absorbent cotton gauze made from pure virgin white cotton with a 100% medical

Mingze mr
Mingze mr

15 Products Qianjiang, China

Economical foldable sponge seat chromed steel manual wheel chair LC-L105Y/B46

Economical Foldable Sponge

a.Chromed steel wheel chair
b.Patent designed frame
c.Solid rear wheels
d.Foldable soft sponge seat
e.Black accessories

Deluxe aluminum lightweight wheelchair LC-L101LSZ/L3D/Y46


Commode wheelchair LC-L301LUZ/L5A/T43


Functional chromed steel commode wheelchair for handicapped person LC-L309S/B43


Cora Lan
Cora Lan

23 Connections 33 Products Foshan, China (Mainland)

HME Filter with Sponge with CE&ISO

HME Filter With Sponge With

Heat Moisture Exchanger Filter:
BY-GL-2 with sponge inside
Filter efficiency: ≥99.999%

adhesive surgical cleaning sponge pad

Adhesive Surgical Cleaning

adhesive surgical cleaning sponge pad is to clean the tip of electrosurgical pencil in surgery.
adhesive surgical cleaning

Lap Sponge

Lap Sponge

1. Mesh of 40s/13,17, 20threads/㎡
2. Non-sterile/sterile
3. Non-washed/washed
4. With

Drain Sponges

Drain Sponges

Available in multiple gauze mesh; woven and nonwoven Available in Y-cut and I-cut Available in multiple package; non-sterile and sterile

Nasal Sponge

Nasal Sponge

SUNTOUCH Nasal Packing is made of PVA sponge, which makes suitable pressure to the wound after swelling, it is physical hemostatsia and has good

Nasal Packing No Gauze (ND0802B)

Medical Equipment

Hemostatic Nasal Pack

Medical Equipment

Helen Ho
Helen Ho

17 Products Huizhou/Guangdong, China

Non-sterile lap sponge

Non-sterile Lap Sponge

Top Health Medical Limited Lap Sponge is
made from absorbent gauze and equipped with sewn-in X-ray detectable chip. It’s
widely used to

Sunny Xu
Sunny Xu

6 Products Shenzhen, China

Cotton Filled Sponge

Cotton Filled Sponge

Available in multiple gauze mesh,
Available in multiple package; non-sterile and sterile,
Available in paper/paper or paper/film pouch or

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