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Medical packaging for hospital, Sterilization Pouch & Reel with varies types :self sealing pouch/flat pouch/flat reel/gusseted pouch/gusseted reel

Medical Packaging For

A complete range to include:
•self sealing pouch
•flat pouch
•flat reel
•gusseted pouch
•gusseted reel

Roger Guan
Roger Guan

5 Products Qianjiang, china

EN868 Sterilization pouch roll, gusseted pouch, heat sealing, self sealing pouch

EN868 Sterilization Pouch

EN868 Sterilization pouch roll, gusseted pouch, heat sealing, self sealing pouch
Self Seal Sterilization

Alice Yan
Alice Yan

11 Products Tianchang, China

Heat-Sealing Sterilization Flat Hospital sterilization pouch

Heat-Sealing Sterilization

Hospital sterilization pouch
1.Material:French Arjo paper,laminated film

Heat-Sealing Sterilization Flat Peelable Pouches

Eyeglass pouches

Disposable Heat-Sealing Sterilization Flat Dental Pouches

Eyeglass pouches

Disposable Heat-sealing Paper Autoclave Sterilizer Pouches

Eyeglass pouches

Anna long
Anna long

16 Products Tongcheng, China (Mainland)

Self-sealing Sterilization Pouch

Self-sealing Sterilization

1.The medical adhesive tape can make rapid and efficient seal without any professional sealing devices;
2.the indicator’s color has

Sterilization Self-Sealing flat/gusseted Pouch

Sterilization Self-Sealing

Detailed Product Description
Good quality for CSSD of Hospitals, Clinics, Dentals
for Steam and EO sterilizations

EtO Sterilization Glove Pouches

UV sterilizers

Medical grade Tyvek Pouches for Medical disposable devices

Medical Equipment

Medical Self Sealing  Sterilization Pouches

Medical Self Sealing

Medical Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches
1,French Arjo paper, film
2, ISO11607,EN868
4.Good Quality

Heat-sealing Tyvek Sterilization Pouch


heat-sealing disposable sterilization gusseted reel /pouch


Perfection sterilization pouch


David Long
David Long

33 Products Anqing, China (Mainland)

Dental Sealing Machine For sterilization Pouch

Dental Sealing Machine For

1.Dental Sealing Machine
2.Plastic Outlet with package holder
3.temperature adjustable
4.easy operation

Dental Sterilization Pouch Supply

Dental equipment

Dental Sterilization Pouches

Dental equipment

Dental Sterilization Roll Alibaba in Spanish

Dental equipment

Heat-Sealing Sterile Paper Pouch

Heat-Sealing Sterile Paper

heat-sealing sterile paper pouch French Arjo paper,laminated film in accordance with ISO11607,EN868 steam,ETO sterilization

Heat-Sealing sterilization Pouch

Heat pumps

Self-sealing Sterilization Pouches

Sealing Machine

Tyvek Sterilization Pouch

Medical Equipment

Dave Guo
Dave Guo

15 Products Anqing, China

sterilization roll pouch with ETO and STEAM

Sterilization Roll Pouch

Franch medical grade paper
Our sterilization roll pouch is made of grade medical imported paper and medical film.
Good price

medical sterilization roll pouch

Medical bags

medical sterilization pouches

Medical bags

self seal sterilization pouch


Yingying Zhang
Yingying Zhang

15 Products hefei, China (Mainland)

Self-sealing Sterilization Pouch

Self-sealing Sterilization

Adopt special double-sided tape
Adopt three side explosion-proof technology
With sterilization change-color instructions

Sterilization reels pouch


Jian Wei Wang
Jian Wei Wang

33 Products Qingdao, China (Mainland)

Sterilization Gusseted Reel Pouch (ZJPY-GP-02)

Sterilization Gusseted Reel

1.made in 100000 class clean room pack a large suigical equipment
3.heat sealing
4.made by customers' requirement

Medical Sterile Packaging Pouch (ZJPY-SS-09)

UV sterilizers

ETO Sterilized Self Seal Pouch (ZJPY-SS-08)

Medical Equipment

Medical Sterilization Reel Pouch (ZJPY-RP-06)

Medical Equipment

Daojing Zhang
Daojing Zhang

15 Products Hangzhou, China (Mainland)

HDM Adhesive Sterilization Pouches

HDM Adhesive Sterilization

High quality, Hygenic, Easy to use, Best price
Honghai Adhesive Sterilization Pouches
Style: self sealing
color: white
Dimension: A: 9*26cm, B: 13.

Sterilization Pouches

Medical Equipment


33 Products Dongguan, China (Mainland)

EO Sterilization pouch

EO Sterilization Pouch

Sterilization pouch
1 Suitable for steam or EO sterilization
2 Superior germs barrier
3 Chemical indicators imprinted
EO Sterilization

Joe Wang
Joe Wang

5 Products Zhongshan, China (Mainland)

Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch

Self Sealing Sterilization

Product features:
Adopt special double-sided tape glue sealing, no professional equipment, can achieve rapid sealing; Using three explosion-proof

Heat Seal Sterilization Pouches & Rolls

Heat Seal Sterilization

Heat Seal Sterilization Pouches & Rolls:
Good bacteria resistance, good breathable character and stripping. Packaging for hospital

Sterilization pouches and Roll

Sterilization Pouches And

Sterilization pouches
Sterilization pouches and Roll
We can offer any Size of Pouche and Roll
packing of Box

Mr. Mohammed Bari
Mr. Mohammed Bari

20 Products Guangzhou, China (Mainland)

Self-seal Sterilization Pouches

Self-seal Sterilization

Medical self-sealing sterilization pouch packaging
A. Raw Material:
1. Arjo paper 60g or 70g (France)
2. Medical laminated film

Heat-sealing sterilization pouches flat-paper/film

Medical diagnostic

Sterilization paper bags gusseted


Heat-sealing sterilization reel flat


long shu juan
long shu juan

5 Connections 60 Products Anqing City,, Anhui Province

Sterilization Pouch (2 3/4""x10")

Sterilization Pouch (2 3/

Medical grade paper(60 or 70G/M² )
CPP+PET transparent film (blue or green)
With sterilization indicator by EO and STEAM
CE marked, meet international stander EN 868-5, ISO

Sterilization Pouch (2 3/4"x6 1/2")

Medical gloves

Sterilization Pouch (7 1/2"x15")

Medical diagnostic

Sterilization Pouch (3 1/2"x9")

Medical bags

Mr. Truthy Zhang
Mr. Truthy Zhang

15 Products Chuzhou/Anhui, China

Self-Sealed Sterilization Pouch (CN-S-01)

Self-Sealed Sterilization


Disposable Sterile Nylon Flocked Swab for Medical Sampling

Disposable Sterile Nylon

Product Name
MFS-93050KQ Oral Swab with Flocked Head and PS Handle

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