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100ZYT Dc Motor,Hight Torque Motor, Brushed Dc Motor

100ZYT Dc Motor,Hight Torque

24V Dc Motor : Hight toruqe, Low noise,Long lifespan, With Ce and Rosh Certificates.
100ZYT Dc Motor,Hight Torque Motor, Brushed Dc Motor80ZYT Dc

80ZYT 24V Dc Motor,High Torque Dc Motor


37mm 12v high torque low rpm dc gear motor

DC motors

76mm Dc 24V Motor/High Toruqe Dc Motor


Frank Wu
Frank Wu

33 Products Ningbo, China (Mainland)

120V low torque high rpm Electric oven fan motor Shaded Pole Motor YJ48-12: motor manufacturer

120V Low Torque High Rpm

Detailed Product Description Rated Voltage:100-240VAC
Laminations: 8--25mm
Size: 48*48mm
Life: 3000 Hours Min

120v high rpm powerful high torque fan motor for fireplace Shaded Pole Motor

Universal motors

Shaded Pole Oven Fan Motor YJ48-12: high rpm low torque, electric motor for heater fan, humidifier, air conditioner

Synchronous motors

50/60 hz electric motor Shaded Pole Motor YJ61-20:electric motor low rpm,fan motor, single phase asychronous motor, electric fan

Intruder Alarms

36mm* 26mm High Torque 12 volt dc brushless Motor 24v BL3626 electric motor BL3626I B3626M from kegu motor

36mm* 26mm High Torque 1

Product Description
36mm 6v 24v mini brushless BL3626 BL3626i dc motor 0.5W for Toy

micro BL2418 B2418M brushless motor 24mm 12V high torque inner rotor bldc brushless dc motor bl2418i from kegumotor

Brushless motors

12v 24v 36*50mm High Torque 12 volt dc brushless Motor 24v for intelligent robot BL3650 BL3650I B3650M from kegu motor

Brushless motors

37mm high torque 12v 24v bldc external rotor brushless dc motor BL3716 BL3716O for Massage gun,37mm fascia gun outer bldc motor from kegumotor

Brushless motors

Dylan Wang
Dylan Wang

35 Products Shenzhen, China

High Torque Geared DC Motor / DC Motor with Gearbox 38GF520

High Torque Geared DC Motor

We can provide 6mm-52mm dc motor and gear motor. The performance such as the voltage, the speed and on-load torque can be custom made, for more

42mm High Torque Brush DC Motor RS-770 / RS-775

DC motors

High Torque DC Motor For Vacuum Cleaner RS-550

DC motors

High Torque DC Motor RS-750 / RS-755

DC motors

Omar Zhang
Omar Zhang

42 Products Shenzhen, China

F280-002 DC Motor for Power Window Motor with High Torque

F280-002 DC Motor For Power

1. Volatge: 12V or 24V
2. Speed: 13000RPM
3. Output Power: 3-65W
Operating Speed

F280-399 Auto Parts High Torque 13000 Rpm DC Motor

DC motors

F280-402 Dcmotor with High Torque 12V Small Engine for German Car

DC motors

F130 Side Inerted Headlamp Adjusters DC Motor

DC motors

Mac high torque dc motor, dc electric motor 24v 1000w

Mac High Torque Dc Motor, Dc

Keyword: high torque dc motor, dc electric motor 24v 1000w
Motor Spec.:

Nema14HS Hybrid stepping motor, 1.8 degree holding torque 26mm motor length

Nema14HS Hybrid Stepping

Step Angle

1.2° Hybrid Stepping Motor 34HT11840 Stepper motor Nema34 0.6N.m holding torque

Stepping motors

1.8° step angle 34HS10060 Hybrid Stepping Motor torque

Stepping motors

24HT7658 Hybrid Stepping Motor with 1.2° full step torque

Stepping motors

trista Yang
trista Yang

6 Connections 35 Products Changzhou city, Jiangsu Prov., , China

ac electric motor low speed high torque motor

Ac Electric Motor Low Speed

low noise, low temperature rise, high efficiency,long endurance,
competitive price

high torque mini electrical motor

Motor Parts

Jun Lee
Jun Lee

16 Products Ningbo, China (Mainland)

CE /ROHS OD76 SERIES 220V AC Universal motor for Food Processo,High torque AC electric Chopper motor


Main Application
Food Processor,
Meat Mincer, etc.
1. Shaft diameter (d) can be

DC42 18-24v big DC motor

Motor parts

DC48 110-230v big DC motor

Motor parts

Leo Lee
Leo Lee

20 Products Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

	 Welcome to wantaimotor store Victory   This Item includes:                       4 PCS Nema 34 Stepper Motor with 892oz-in holding torque,                    4 PCS Stepper Motor Driver 80VDC/7.8A Peak Current,256microstep  replacing MD882,

Welcome To Wantaimotor Store

3 Axis CNC Router Kit TB6560 Stepper Driver Board + 3 PCS NEMA23 Stepper Motor + 1 PC 200W,24VDC Power Supply

6 axis CNC controller kit 425oz-in and 1600 oz-in torque Wnatai stepper motors 7.8A/80VDC/256Microstep

Stepping motors

6 axis CNC Foam Mill controller kit 425oz-in and 1600 oz-in Spindle torque stepper motors Wantai

Stepping motors

(Germany Ship &Free to EU,US) 6Axis CNC kit 425oz-in and 1090oz-in,5.6A Spindle torque Wantai stepper motors 7.8A/80VDC DQ860MA

Stepping motors

12V DC Gear Motor,small micro electric motor with reduction gearbox with high torque

12V DC Gear Motor,small

QINJI brand DC Gear Motor
1.Voltage:12 V
3.Torque:80000 g/cm
4.ROHS, Low noise,long life
12V DC Gear Motor

DC Gear Motor with 16~20.5mm gearbox,6-12v small motor 15rpm,micro dc electronic gear motor

DC motors

12V DC Gear Motor,37mm small electric geared motor

DC motors

6-12v DC Gear Motor with 16mm gearbox,small micro gear motor

DC motors

Xipeng Wang
Xipeng Wang

20 Products Dongguan, China (Mainland)

Permanent Magnet High Torque 12V DC Motor

Permanent Magnet High Torque

Permanent Magnet High Torque 12V DC Motor
DC Motor Specification:
1) Model Number: RS385

Small 24 Volt 24V Brushed DC Motor For Garden Tools

DC motors

RS545 Permanent Magnet Small 12 Volt DC Motors

DC motors

RS775 Round Type 24 Volt DC Motor Manufacturers

DC motors

Brushless 95mm High Torque Low Speed Flat Metal DC Gear Motor

Brushless 95mm High Torque

GYF95BL-A BRUSHLESS Flat Metal DC Gear Motor 20V-28VDC
High torque low speed

6V-18VDC 95mm Base High Torque Low Speed Flat Metal DC Gear Motor

DC motors

6V-18VDC 76mm Base High Torque Low Speed Flat Metal DC Gear Motor

DC motors

45mm Diameter High Torque Low Speed 6V-24V DC Planetary Metal Gear Motor

Geared motors

large torque stepper motor 110mm 2-phase

Large Torque Stepper Motor

1. CE Compliant
2. Size:110*110mm
3. Rated Torque:28N.m
4. Rated Current:8A
5. Single or dual shaft and dia 19mm(Customize)

China Size 43 Step Motor Cheap Price


60mm 400watts Brushless Servo Motor Price

Servo motors

sewing machine ac servo motor

Sewing Machines

Jing Li
Jing Li

30 Products Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

high torque ac motor

High Torque Ac Motor

1,Manufacturers selling price advantage
2, FCL-F series parallel helical geared motor
3,ISO 9001,CE, registered
4,OEM service

high torque low rpm electric motor

DC motors

Eric Wang
Eric Wang

1 Connection 15 Products WenZhou, China (Mainland)

high torque low speed long life dc micro motor with gearbox

High Torque Low Speed Long

ISO9001:2008 CE.ROHS.
Zinc Alloy Plastic ,Metal ,Powder Metallurgy 45# Steel gear

12V high torque low rpm rolling gear motor

High frequency

low rpm high torque dc gear motor

DC motors

22mm high torque low rpm DC Planetary gear motor

DC motors

5KSB44AS1570 SHADED POLE high torque low rpm electric motor



High torque 24V DC motor with EMC suppression

High Torque 24V DC Motor

24V DC motor with EMC
2.3 or 5 poles optional
3.EMC suppression design
24V DC motor

Anistropic magnet electric toy motor(RS-755SH/PH)


3V 12mm Micro DC Gear Motor KM-12FN20VA

DC motors

230VAC Rect. DC Motor(RS-7712SH-15124R)

DC motors

Big Torque Roller Shutter Motor

Big Torque Roller Shutter

Detailed Product Description Big Torque Roller Shutter Motor
1. For roller shutter and garage door
2. High efficiency

12mm 9000kv micro dc brushless motor for rc helicopters

Brushless motors

RC outrunner brushless dc motor

DC motors

110 series ac servo motor


3-phase torque stepper motor

3-phase Torque Stepper Motor

3-phase torque stepper motor:
1) frame size: 85mm
2) motor length: 125mm
3) shaft diameter: 14mm
4) CE, ISO Certificate

motorized for automation machine


synchronous motor with brake

Synchronous motors

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