Why vinyl?
LVT vs Ceramic and stones
1, Ceramics and stones are cold and hard to feet, LVTs are warm and soft.
2, Ceramics and stone can chip, crack, shatter easily, LVTs will not.
3, Ceramics and stones require the use backer board, mortar, wet saw grout to install; LVTs require only a straight edge, a utility knife, and an adhesive to install.
For our Ant-slip and click products, you could stay in the room right after it finished installing.
4, A damaged piece of ceramics or stones is very difficult to remove and replace. A damaged piece of LVTs can be easily remove and replace with a new one.
LVT vs Sheet vinyl
1, Vinyl sheets are difficult to handle, LVTs are a lot easy to handle.
2, Vinyl sheets can tear, rip and gauge easily; LVTs will not.
3,Vinyl sheets must be replaced in full when damaged, LVTs can be replaced piece by piece when needed.
LVT vs Laminate
1, Laminates are cold and hard to feet; LVTs are warm and soft.
2, Laminates are noisy to walk over; LVTs are quiet to walk over.
3, Laminates are not waterproof while LVT is. 


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1x20 container
Port: Shanghai,Shenzhen
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

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