Product Introduction

The design ofallForlinx products are originally from ODM projects, thereforethey are much more reliable comparedwith other evaluations boards, OK6410 are the mainstream of ARM11, integrated the concept of"Based on high-end,make learning more meaningful andmake product development faster", Forlinx gives your a stable system with rich interfaces and excellent performance, make your workhandy all the time, so choose Forlinx and trust Forlinx, and we will just be your side whether you are a new toembedded world or you are experienced engineer,Forlinx are open to make friends with allof you.

Forlinx S3C6410 Quality Assurance

  1. Development board using "core board and carrier board" structure, therefore it is more adaptable than entire board product;
  2. Provide carrier board schematic and PCB to maximize tech support, enable users produce their own products with minor modification;
  3. Gold plated B2B connectors, sayNO tooxidation even afteryears;
  4. All components on the core board are machine mounted, to avoid potential problems caused by manual welding;
  5. Provide four B2B connectors for free, toeliminate compability problems.

Forlinx S3C6410 Performance Assurance

  1. Low-power, cost-effective S3C6410 processor, abundant resources, can be widely used in mobile devices, handheld terminals and general processing areas;
  2. 2.5G and 3G communication services to provide optimized hardware performance, built-in powerful hardware accelerators, including motion video processing, audio processing, 2D acceleration, display processing and scaling;
  3. Integrates a MFC (Multi-Format video Codec) supports MPEG4 / H.263 / H.264 codec and VC1 decoding, can provide real-time video conferencing as well as NTSC and PAL CVBS output;
  4. With advanced 3D accelerator, supports OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and D3DM API, to achieve 4M triangles/s 3D acceleration;
  5. Optimization of the external memory interface, which can meet the high-end data communications services in the bandwidth requirements;

Forlinx S3C6410 Usablity Assurance

  1. Provides a wealth of peripherals, in addition to the serial port, Ethernet port, USB, etc. equipped with common interfaces, including WIFI, GPS, GPRS, VGA / TV, camera, LCD screen, CAN bus, 3G modules and matrix keyboard, including more than ten kinds of functional expansion boards;
  2. Provided the original schematic, original package libraries, interfaces, BSP libraries, bottom PCB layout, BootLoader, Linux / WinCE / Android / Ucos-II operating system, and dozens of hardware device drivers with source code.User-friendly documents, whichgreatly improves the efficiency of project development;
  3. Supporting documentsare carefully prepared by the Forlinx engineer including learning tutorials and manuals, which are in a form of full graphical guide and video explainatins, to create aclear hierarchy and adapt to users from just graduated students to experienced engineers.
  4. Forlinx provides customers with comprehensive and efficient after-sale guarantee system, including professional technical services and quality assurance support.

Application areas

For high-end consumer electronics, industrial control, car navigation, multimedia terminals, POS machine, PDA and other areas of the industry.

Main Board - Dimension(WxL)8CMx 10CM

Forlinx OK6410-B Main Board Resources

Samsung S3C6410 Processor,ARM1176JZF-S,Clock 533MHz/667MHz/800MHz


128Mb DDR (256Mb optional)

FLASH 256MNAND Flash, 8-bitsECC, Ensure safe and reliable information storage(2Gb optional);
Clock 12MHz48MHz27MHz32.768KHz clock source




Gold plated B2B connectors


-20~ 75 guarantee, EMC test passed.
Reset One Reset key with dedicated chip, stable and reliable
DIP switch Boot options, using 8-bit DIP switch.
Serial Four serial ports:one 5-line serial port with DB9 female,three 3-line(3.3V TTL) with 2.0 X 20 pins.
Ethernet One 100Mb Ethernet, using DM9000AE with connection and transmition status indicators.
USB HOST One USB HOST, support USB1.1 protocol,used for mouse and U disk etc.
USB OTG One USB Slave,support USB2.0 protocol,using mini-USB socket,can be used for PC connection.
SD card One high-speedSD socket, used for SD Memoryand SDIO functionality.
WIFI One WIFI expension interface

Three 3.5mm standard stereo audio jacks, one for headphone audio output, and one for microphone input, and one forline input.


Touch panel support 4-line resistor, LCD support 3.5, 5.6, 7, 8 inches TFT LCD. and 10.4 inches LVDS.


One CMOS camera,support ITU-R BT601/656 8-bit mode, using 10X2 pin connector, support varies USB cameras.


One CVBS output, support (PAL/NTFS).

RTC Internal Real Time Clock, with backup battery.
JTAG One JTAG interface,using 10x2 pins connector.
Temperature Sensor One one line temperator sensor(DS18B20)
Infrad One Infra-red sensor (38Khz).
Buzzer One buzzer with 5V power supply.

Expension ports

SPIx2, DAx2, GPIOx38, 8-channel AD, IIC


OK6410 development board are fully tested in strong electromagnetic interference environment, high dust environment, high temperature, humidity environmentandother harsh industrial environments, no abnormal state of continuous production.

Boardoverview snapshot:

Main Boarddimension:

Linux OS:

Forlinx ARM11 Board, the first company enter the Linux3.0 era
  • The most complete drivers: Support for multimedia codecs, 3G module, WIFI, camera, sound cards, network, LCD, CAN bus, GPS, GPRS and dozens of drivers.
  • The most complete open source: Linux kernel all open source, user-friendly research and development.
  • The best compatibility: 2.6 still provides the original system, and is fully compatible with them.
  • Forthe details of Linux3.0.1, please contactForlinx after-sale technical support.
Linux2.6software resources
Cross-compiler arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2.tgz

Image Updating options

  1. USB step by step installation, flexiable,able toupdate Uboot, Kernel, and Filesystem individully, convient for debugging;
  2. Update images from SD card, just plug in the SD card, it will be updating everything automatically, best choice for mass production and end users;
  3. Updating tools are Windows7 compliant;


Support boot from NAND Flash
Supportimages updatingvia USB OTG 2.0
Support command line modeupdating imagesfor uboot.bin(Uboot), zImage(Linux), andcramfs(File system)

mmc.bin(System on SD card)

Supportupdating imagesdirectly from SD card,no need forPC connection.
Support updating file system for both Linux and Android(cramfs/yaffs2).
Support updating images(Uboot/Kernel/FS)via USB OTG2.0.
Linux Kernel Version: 2.6.28/2.6.36/3.0.1
Supporting Filesystem: YAFFS2/CRAMFS/NFS/UBIFS/NFS/FAT32 and much more.
Watch dog driver
RTC driver
LEDx4 driver
KEYx6 driver
SPI driver
PWM buzzer driver
ADC driver
Touch screen driver
LCD driver(3.5", 4.3", 7", 8",10.4")
USB Host driver: support U drive, Bluetooth, USB wifi, USB 3G module, USB barcode scanner, etc.
USB Mouse, USB keyboard
USB Camera(almost all types you can find on the market)
SD driver
3G driver
MFC(hardware encoder/decoder) Driver
CAN bus Driver
4 serial port driver
SD WIFI driver
USB WIFI driver
Audio driver(WM9714/WM9713 ALSA interface)
Ethernet driver(DM9000A/DM9000AEP/DM9000CIEP)
CMOS Camera driver, TV-OUT driver
USB to serial driver
Matrix keyboard driver
Infred receiver driver
Temperature sensor driver
FrameBuffer driver, support Double Buffering, Max resolution up to 1024x768
Busybox Version:busybox-1.13.3

Command line testing code

ADC Testing sample code
Key Testing sample code
CMOS Camera Testing sample code
LED Testing sample code
PMW buzzer Testing sample code
Video resolution Support 320x240, 480x272, 640x480, 800x480, 800x600,1024x768, customized upon request.
GUI subsystems Qtopia-2.2.0: Classical GUI system, It can be configured to auto startup with Linux kernel, input support both touch screen and mouse.
Qt/E-Extended-4.4.3: mobile version of Qtopia
Qt/E-4.7.1 newest version of Qt/Embedded, Rich GUI lib, for sleek GUI experience.
Support both touch screen and mouse simultaneously.
Startup options: Qtopia2.2.0, Qt/Extended-4.4.3, or Qt/E-4.7.1
GUI Testing Programs

The default desktop GUI is Qtopia2.2.0, you can find all the testing programs mentioned below, they are pre-installed and most importantly, they are open source, you use the code as your reference and free to use them in your projects.

Browser:Konqueror/E used for verify internet conection,it support multilingual.(tested forEnglish and Chinese)
LED Testing:Used for testing LED, and ahelpful reference for operating GPIO.
Key Testing:There are six keys on the board, they are pre-configured to map(UP, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, OK, and CANCLE) on Qtopia2.2.0, you can use them just like keys from your Mobile phone, but you can modify the source code to map to any keys for your own need.
PWM Buzzer Testing: The on-board is driven by PWM, you can control the buzzer on/off, and set its frequency, a reference for PWM control.
ADC Testing:The is a Variable resistor on the board, By rotating the cap, you can get the corresonding value(from 0 to 1023).
3G Dial-up:supportWCDMA ,CDMA2000, and TD-SCDMA 3G network,upon dail-up, you can use Konqueror/E to surf the internet.
WIFI testing:Configuration tool for WIFI,support bothUSB WIFI module and SDIO WIFI module, you can configure DHCP, gateway, and DNS, once connected, you also can use Konqueror/E to surf the internet.
Photo viewer pragram: just a photo viewer
MediaPlayer: used to play multi-media files, MP3, MP4.
Calendar, Clock, Calculator, IE explorer.
File Manager
Pre installed games.
Screen calibrating tool.
Plug-in Manager
Qt migration documents and video tutorial Our exclusive "QtMigration Encyclopedia", whichintroduce you the Migrationinstructions forQtopia2.2.0, Qt/E-Extended-4.4.3, Qt/E-4.7.1, thisdocuments is writtenin Qt beginner's perspective, andit includesreference forQtCreator, and theclassic HelloWorld application development process,a helpfuldocument for your project.


Windows CE 6.0 Software resource
BootLaoder EBOOT, support USB2.0 high speed upgrading images
Upgrading options
  1. USB step by step installation, flexiable, able to update Uboot, Kernel, and Filesystem individully, convient for debugging;
  2. Update images from SD card, just plug in the SD card, it will be updating everything automatically, best choice for mass production and end users;
  3. Updating tools are Windows7 compliant;
CE Version WinCE 6.0 R3 (open source BSP)
Supporting drivers

System IRQ and system clock driver

Serial port driver(support 3 serial port)
SD booting,support hot plug, capacity up to 32GB.
Nand Flash driver
Ethernet driver
Audio driver
RTC driver
USB Host driver
USB OTG driver
LCD driver
Touch screen driver(four lin, , e resistor panel, panel siz, e fr, om 3.5, , " to 10.4")
VGA driver
TV driver
CMOS driver
CMM driver
MFC driver
JPGE driver
IIC driver
SPI driver
WIFI driver
LED driver
ADC driver
Buzzer driver
Temperature sensor driver
Testing Programs CMOS Camera driver
TV Testing program
LED Testing program
PWM Buzzer program
Temperature sensor testing program
ADC Testing program
Audio Testing program(PLAY/REPLAY)
Three serial ports testing program
JPEG hardware decoding testing program
MFC(Multi Format Codec)Testing program, supporthardware decoding/encoding MPEG-4/H.263/H.264
HybridDivx Testing program
OPENGLES Testing program(including OPENGL1.1 and OPENGL2.0)

Hardware acceleration

Samples for DShowFilters
Samples for HW Jpeg encoder/decoder
Samples for HW Mfc decoder
Samples for CMM(Codec Memory Menagement) driver
Samples for DivX decoder
Provide source code, samples and API documents.
Application Porvide registry manager, screen rotator, text editor, Excel editor, Photo albums, media player, and some games.
LCD Display Support 320*240, 640*480, 800*600, and 1024*768.
USB Device U DriverUSB mouseUSB keyboardUSB HUBUSB bluetoothUSB WIFI
Development Kit VS2005 + CE6.0 R3 providetutorials for setting up enviroment, and related guide.
BSP Upgrade We provide BSP upgarde at the first release of microsoft, make sure our users alway have their tools up to date.
Others Boot splash and progress bar,MediaPlayerIEword, persistance registry,
support MFC framework, NET2.0, users can choose the language they are familar with such C/C++/C#/VB.

Android-2.3.4 (Open source)

From now on, Android fully upgrade to version 2.3.4, more powerful than the other versions, its drivers including network, camera, Bluetooth, 3G, wireless WIFI, U disk, SD card, sound card, touch screen, LCD, keyboard and others, all just for complete dedication to the user. In addition, for all of users to make use of OK6410 development board freely, we decided to release Android as an open source project, which is just dedication to the learners and developers without any reservation, All just for restoring the real value of the development board! We will continue to putting more efforts on the development for leading industry technology trends.
Version Android 2.3.4(Android 2.3.3 is still available)
Upgrading images options Support upgrade from SD card in a single step, you don't even need connect PC, just make a upgrading SD card, then plug it in and restart the board, the whole process will be done automaticlly.
Kernel version Linux-
Cross-compiler Android source code compiler package comes with Android source cross-compilers, no additional installation. Android's kernel and Uboot 4.5.1 cross-compiler. Hardware floating point supported, armv6 instruction set.
USB Disk & SD card Plug and Play support SD card andU diskplug and play, providing the driver and itssource code.
USB BlueTooth Plug and Play USB Bluetooth support, you can transfer files between the phone and provide the driver and its source code.
3G Wireless Card Support for 3G dial-up, providing the driver source code.
USB 3G modem Support for WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMS three 3G networks, support USB 3G module, plug and play, miniPCIe interface module also supports 3G, providing the driver source code.
Ethernet support internet acess from Ethernet.
USB WiFi Support USB wifi, DHCP, DNS,provide Android driver and its source code.
SDIO WiFi Support SDIO WIFI,DHCP, DNS,provide Android driver and its source code.
CMOS Camera Support Forlinx CMOS Camera(OV9650), provide Linux driver, and Android driver, and Android Testing Application.
ADB Debugging Support both linux and Windows.
Precision Touch Screen Support Touch screen.
Touch-screen calibration Android will automatically run the calibration interface for first time of booting.
Standard Android keys Support HOME, CONTEXT, EXIT keyts.
Serial Port Support Serial port access from Android.
LED, PWM, I2C Testing Support Android access applications and their drivers.(Open source)
System build Option Single command to build the whole system, necessary to modify and scripts.
Manual Arranged in the detailed instructions, easy to follow, each reading will bring you a new understanding.

Development Kit:

1. A Fully Tested OK6410-B Board

2. OK6410-B User Disk(3)

3. One Serial Cable(For PC)

4. One RJ45 Cable(For PC directly)

5. One USB OTG Cable

6. One 5V Power Adapter(Input 120V~230V)

7. One Container

Disk Contains:

1. OK6410-B Schematics, Carrier Board Dimension, PCBs

2. WindowsCE, Linux, UCOS Source code, Images, Manuals.

3. Bare-machine Applications source code, Tutorials, Tools.

4. Datasheets for All parts

5. Android-2.3.4 build Source code, Images, Manuals,and Tools.

6. VS2005 Installation Disk(Evaluation Version)

7. Windows CE WINCE6 Plug-in and Patches.

8. VMWARE(Evaluation Version)

9. Ubuntu 9.10


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 piece
Payment Terms:

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