Process principle
Due to different adsorption capacities of adsorbents for various gas components in feed gas under various pressures. On pressurization, the impurities in the methane-riched feed gas are adsorbed, while the weak adsorptive components(CH4 and so on) are discharged as product; On depressurization the adsorbed impurities like CO2 are adsorbed and the adsorbent can be regenerated. At least four adsorbers are needed for realize continuous output of product CH4.

Feed gas
*Landfill gas, waste digestion gas, methane
*Coke oven gas
*Other gases containing CH4.

Technical data
* Feed gas:
   Pressure: 0.4~4.0MPa(Gauge)
   Temperature: Normal temperature
* Product gas: Enrichment CH4 gas
  CH4 purity: 80~99%(V); CH4 recovery: 70~95%
  System pressure drop: Δ P: 0.05~0.1MPa
  Temperature: Normal temperature
  Note: CH4 yield depends on the feed gas composition, pressure and CH4 purity.

Control mode and characteristic
Control mode: PSA units are controlled by controllers and instruments. The DCS, FCS, PLC control systems can be chosen according to the scale of PSA units and the requirement of control.
Control characteristic: The implementation of not only the PSA ordinary control system, but also the specialist control system for optional combination and switchover of multiple-adsorbers, and the self-adapt optimum, which improves the operation flexibility, and ensures the long-term, steady and safe operation of the unit.

Mode of Service
* Provide the patent & proprietary technology and design.
* Provide EPC
* Provide technical service and staff training during plant installation & commissioning.
* The plant has 1-Year warranty period since inspection and acceptance.
* Provide spare pare and accessories over a long period.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Sets
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

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