vial and plastic bottle washing machine
1.suitable bottel: 2-250ml
2.Usage: vial and plastic botttle
3.Easy to operation.


I. Brief introduction
Kczp series is the product which our factory has large output for the passed many years. It is deeply favored by pharmaceutical factories. Its advantages: simple structure, easy operation, easy to clean low cost. It can be used for washing of molded vial and big volume plastic bottle. Scandalized parts can be easily changed.

II. production capacity
We can supply a complete set according to the users’ requirements.

III. Working principle
This machine consists of turntable, bottle twisted track and coarsely washing and finely washing tank. Coarsely washing is conduct by the power of ultrasonic wave to wash the inner and outer wall of the bottles. Finely washing use purified water, wfi and compressed air to wash the inner and outer wall of the bottles alternately. It can reach the qa standard of pharmaceutical companies.

Washing process: the turntable pushes the bottles into the star wheel then to the bottle twisted track. With the help of star wheel, the bottles rotate 360 degree in the track, and rinsed by water and air. Finally, the bottles will be pushed into the tunnel oven or reclaiming tray.

IV. Characteristic
Ultrasonic wave can clean the wall of the vial, the cleaning effect is good, and the speed is adjustable by inverter.

Clean compressed air water can wash the wall of the vial thoroughly.

Structure is compact; volume is small with stainless steel water tank. The washed water can be used as recirculation water after filtering. The cleaning effect is good and the cost is low.

Easy operation and fully automatic control.

Can suits vials with different spec. The change part is easy to change.

Can use as single machine or part of the production line

V. Main technical parameters:

1.1 Suitable bottle range: 2-250ml bottle (2-20ml vial, 30-250ml bottle are two separate machine, different bottle with different track.)

1.2 Power supply: 380v 50Hz, Power consumption: 6.2 kw

1.3 Ultrasonic wave power: 2Kw

1.4 WFI pressure: 0.15-0.35Mpa, qty: 300-400L/H

1.5 Compressed air pressure: 0.150.45Mpa, qty: 400-500L/h

1.6 Purified water pressure: 0.15-0.35Mpa, qty: 400-500L/h

1.7 single machine noise: ≤70dB

1.8 Weight: 500kg

1.9 Dimension: 2780x840x1750


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Unit/Units
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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