Drying, oven and sterilization
1.meet GMP
2.Usage:vial,rubber stopper,aluminum cap drying,sterilization
3.Heat sterilization

Model H-RXH-B-I Oven

I. Brief introduction
H-rxh-b type oven is designed by our company for pharmaceutical factory and clean room laboratory who has the clean degree requirements of a -class. It is mainly used for the drying and sterilization of materials, vessels, vials, rubber stoppers and aluminum caps.

II. Working principle

This machine consists of oven box, hepa filter, circulation fan and pipe, double opened doorand electric control system.

It uses fan to drive the air inside the oven which is heated by electric heater to reach the purpose of heat sterilization with clean air and temperature homogeneity.

III. Characteristic

1.1 Adopts touch panel (tp) and siemens controller (plc) to control the heating and operation parameters precisely.

1.2 With multi-function: the parameter display, automatic computer printing records and failure alarm display.

1.3 Complete 100 class laminar flow systems.

1.4 There equips the validation wire hole at the bottom-side of the box.

1.5 Ciculation air flow can be adjustable, ensure temperature homogeneity inside chamber.

1.6 It can equip water cooling system according to customer’s need.

1.7 Several temperature spot reserved for gmp validation.

IV. Main technical parameters:

1.1 Working temperature: Max 300°c

1.2 Temperature homogeneity:±2°c

1.3 Circulation fan flow rate: 400-600m3/h

1.4 Temperature fluctuation:±1°c

1.5 Cooling type: air cooling (can choose water cooling according to customer requirements).

1.6 Heating type: electric heater

1.7 Single machine noise: ≤70dB

1.8 Weight: 600kg

1.9 Power supply: 380V 50Hz

1.10 Material: 304, 316L stainless steel

1.11 Working chamber size: (W x L x H) Effective size:

        RXH-B-1     800x800x1000    0.64m3

        RXH-B-2     800x1000x1000    0.8m3

        RXH-B-3     800x1200x1000    0.96m3

1.12 Dimension: Installation power:

        RXH-B-1     1600x1260x1950  14kw

        RXH-B-2     1600x1460x1950  14kw

        RXH-B-3     1600x1660x1950  17kw


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Unit/Units
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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