Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer(ANFD) has formed two major series of about 40 specifications since 2001. We are the drafting unit of National Standards of Pharmaceutical Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer. 

◆Intermediates for pharmaceutical and sterile API
◆Biological pharmacy
◆Fine chemical industry
◆Printing and dyeing industry

  Solid-liquid separating is carried out under vacuum or pressurization condition.
◆Filter cake smoothing:
  The agitator rotates anticlockwise to smooth the crevices of the filter cake surface so as to avoid short circuit of cleaning solvent  when meeting the crack.
◆Slurry mixing and cleaning:
  The cleaning fluid can be sprayed on the container evenly by the rotating spray ball, which can carry out inner cleaning and filter cake cleaning. By raising and lowering the agitator, the filter cake and the cleaning fluid can be mixed so as to clean the filter cake adequately.
  In the case of vacuum, the agitator rotates clockwise to heat and scrape the cake loosely. The heating system of the equipment heats the wet liter cake to vaporize solvent.
◆Sampling on Line:
  Take sample by sampling valve during drying process.
◆Side discharging:
  After drying the agitator shall rotate clockwise to scrape and propel materials out of the side discharging valve nozzle automatically.
◆CIP and SIP

◆The whole process of filtering, washing and drying can be continuously carried out in one vessel (the heating jacket is excluded when drying is not required).
◆Wash filter cakes sufficiently with agitator, which has an outstanding effect.
◆Heat and dry filter cakes with agitator, which has a fast drying speed.
◆Automatic discharge, avoiding contamination.
◆CIP function applied.
◆The whole operation process can be carried out safely and reliably under the protection of nitrogen gas.
◆The button cannot be removed. The filter plate is made of sectioned sintered mesh or filter cloth, which is suitable for production of non-sterile API.
◆ Compared with the traditional centrifuge and suction filtration vessel, it better conforms to GMP and FDA requirements.

Basic parameters:

ModelFiltering area(㎡)Internal diameter (mm)Nominal volume(m3)Filter cake height(mm)Blade lifting height(mm)Motor power(kw)Net weight(kg)Total height(mm) 


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