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 Item: Single Box Bent Wrench 

♣ Material: Al-Br (Non Sparking)

               Other Material:Be-Cu (Non Sparking and Non Magnetic),   Special Too(45#Carton Steel, 40Cr)   , Stainless Steel (Non Magnetic)                            

♣ Specs:17~185mm

         Other Size:  It's Customed

♣ Technology:  Casting Foring  Machining Polishing

 Character:Non Sparking Tools 

♣ Surface treatment: Natural or  Electrostatic spraying

♣ Application:Mainly used in Non Sparking 

♣ Guarantee: ISO9001&UKAS&TUV, you can buy with confidence

 Delivery time: According to  the demand, we will arrange your order delivery


3.The processing procedure

 Al-bronze  (HRC≥25°b>75-85kgf/mm² )  


  1) To prepare the raw material, blanking

  2) Smelting

  3) Pouring

  4) Cut the water gap

  5) Stored in the semi finished products warehouse

  6) Punching

  7) Through the drawbench or slotting machine

  8) PE plain end and chamfering

  9) Drill hole

  10) Perfect the product and marking

  11)If Be-bronze, need heat treatment

  12) Polishing

  13) Surface treatment

  14)Stored in the finished products warehouse

6.The main products of our company are as following

Nonsparking tools. They are mainly used in hazardous environment where flammable and combustible vapors liquilds gas dusts are present, such as petroleum industy,chemical industry, power generation,railroad,and mining ects.These tools can avoid to rise sparking when tools strike,rub or collide with target in explosive atmosphere. There is two kinds of material, Beryllium Copper alloy and Aluminium Bronze.

Special tools. 45# steel, 40Cr.

Non-magnetic tools. Material Stainless steel 304

  1)Good resistance to acids and alkalis corrosion

  2) Mainly used in medical apparatus and instruments, food industry ect.

  3) Weakness: Low strength, low hardness. HRC<10°

Terrace Measuring Tools.

1. Machinery production

2. Installation of the machine

3. Lineation , marking out and measuring 

4. Welding

5. Surface plates

 2.Explosion-proof tools technology parameters

 1. Beryllium bronze explosion-proof tools explosion-proof performance

(a) Standard code: GBEx II C

(b) Hardness: HRC35 above

(c) Tensile strength: 105-120 KGF/mm²

(d) Magnetic: 0

 2. Aluminium bronze explosion-proof tools explosion-proof performance

 (a) Standard code: GBEx II B

 (b) Hardness: HRC25 above

 (c) Tensile strength: 75-85 KGF/mm²


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