1, KONICA nozzle with a full steel, nozzle and longer life. 2, double into the ink tube, flow pressure evenly. Ensure print quality. 3, double dislocation structure orifices arranged Inkjet higher accuracy. 4, the unique function attempts to prevent the nozzle; Sprinklers Auto exhaust function, to ensure that the use of the process will not plug the ink off phenomenon. 5, Konica sprinkler nozzle is closed, waterproof, anti-aging. 6, manual pressure cleaning nozzle ink devices, flash jet design, automatic vacuum cleaning nozzle means the nozzle moisturizer suction device. KONICA nozzle existing models: KM512LN-Konica512 42pl solvent nozzle KM512LH-Konica512 42pl uv nozzle KM512LNX-Konica512 35pl solvent nozzle KM512MN-Konica512 14pl solvent nozzle KM512MH-Konica512 14pl uv nozzle KM256LN-Konica256 42pl solvent nozzle KM256MN-Konica256 14pl solvent nozzle KM1024MHB- Konica1024 14pl solvent nozzle KM1024MHB-Konica1024 14pl uv nozzle KM1024MHB-Konica1024 42pl uv nozzle KM1024MHB-Konica1024 42pl solvent nozzle Konica (KONICA) ink can be used: You can use UV inks, solvent-based inks, as well as all piezoelectric oil ink .


FOB Price: USD900
Minimum Order: 1
Port: DaLian
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union, Paypal, MoneyGram

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