The automatic flat glass frosting machine is used to produce frosted flat glass, finger-printing free glass and low-reflection flat glass in various size and thickness. The machine perfectly combines chemical frosting and mechanical automation into one system. The whole frosting operation is carried out in a fully closed system, which better protects operators' health.

The machine's advantages are described as below:
1. High degree of automation and simple operation
2. Large production capacity
3. Available for different size
4. Stable and high quality frosting appearance
5. Water recyclable during operation
6. All seasons application
7. Low frosting cost
8. Environment-friendly operation system

1. Dimension: 30m x 2.5mx 2.5 m
2. Output: 30-60 pieces per hour
3. Air exhaust system: 3 sets
4. Stirring: 3 sets
5. Material: Steel, stainless steel, PVC material, rubber rollers
6. Total power: 30 kw
7. Water consumption: 5 tons per hour


FOB Price: USD150000
Minimum Order: 1set
Payment Terms: T/T

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