ST-201 frosting cream is a fast acting, specially formulated glass etching compound that allows you to create permanent etched designs on mirrors, windows, articles, office decoration, and household glassware.

Fast efrosting, fine etched appearance.
Effected at low temperature and high humidity.
Available for various glass items and art designs.
10-15 m2/kg etching capacity.
Etching time: 10-60 seconds.
Package: 1 & 10 kg/plastic barrel.
Validity: One year.
The following directions show how easily you can make a variety of etched glass masterpieces.

1. Use nylon or terylene materials (100-160 mesh size) to make
The silk screen
2. Use water-resistant emulsion to make a silk screen picture.
3. Clean the glass with glass cleaner and dry it with soft cloth.
4. Make sure the glass position is 2-3 mm below the screen.
5. Stir the cream well, before use.
6. Put a reasonable amount of cream on the screen
7. Apply a polyurethane squeegee (70-75° ) to finish silk printing.
8. Let the cream react on the glass for 10-60 seconds.
9. Wash the glass with water thoroughly and dry it with hot air.
10. Collect the unused cream and cover it for reuse.

1. In case of contacting with skin or eyes, rinse with water immediately.
2. The frostinging process can be operated manually or through a silk-printing machine


FOB Price: USD10/KG
Minimum Order: 10KG
Payment Terms: T/T

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