Basic Information:
Chemical Name:methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate
Trade Name: methyl paraben
Molecular Formula:C8H8O3
Molecular Weight:152.15

Physical and Chemical Properties:
This product is white crystalline. It is easily dissolved in alcohol, ether, acetone, and slightly dissolved in water. Its boiling point is 270-280°C.


The role of anti-corrosion in cosmetics:

In the process of the use and production of cosmetics, could be affected by different degree of microbial contamination, the role of preservatives mainly inhibit microbial growth and reproduction, extend the shelf life of products, to ensure that during the shelf life and use not bad because of pollution.

In food preservative effect:

methyl paraben is internationally recognized as broad-spectrum efficient food preservatives,is widely used in soy sauce, vinegar and other spices, pickled products, baking food, sauce products, beverage, wine and fruit and vegetable preservation, etc,

Inhibiting microbial growth and reproduction, prolong food to save time, prevent rotting matter.


FOB Price: >2USD
Minimum Order: 1KG
Port: Qingdao,Shanghai,Tianjin
Payment Terms: T/T,West union,L/C,and so on

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