• Anti-vandal performance 
• Separate emergency call and concierge button 
• Supports RFID 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz 
• Transmit video 1.3 MP 
• Ability to replace the video module without removing and disassembling the intercom 
• False lens 
• Duplex audio 
• Support SIPv2 protocol 
• IR illumination up to 10 meters 
• Operating temperature range from -50 to + 60 ° C 
• Support 9999 subscribers 
• RFID keys 8500 
• Opening of the doors on an individual subscriber code 
• Register RFID unique code key on subscriber 
• 5 lines per subscriber call 
• Ability call va jig through matrix 600 to analog network subscribers (optional)
• Backup storage for 8500 RFID keys and 1500 codes in case of flashing or rebooting the IP of the doorphone 
• Removable memory with all settings (USB, preinstalled) 
• Installed microSDHC card at least 4 GB, recording to a memory card 
• Ready to work on the basic functionality after 1 second after power supply (access to the entrance, call on analog tubes) 
• Frost-resistant 8-character LED display 
• Opening limit switch 
• Possibility of connecting an additional door and 1-Wire reader for it 
• Power relay output

Multiple IP intercom Beward DKS15100it is intended for the organization of control of access to an entrance of an apartment house. To transfer high-quality video in IP intercom, a 1.3 megapixel camera is used. Duplex audio and video are transmitted using SIP. The presence of the RFID reader at 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz allows you to organize access to the entrance by wireless tags. For video transmission in complete darkness, built-in infrared illumination with a range of lighting up to 10 m is provided. The metal anti-vandal intercom system will not allow attackers to disable it. Due to the temperature range from -50 to + 60 ° C, intercom can be operated at any time of the year. Support for a four-digit subscriber number, up to 9999, allows you to use the Beward DKS15100 IP intercom in hotels or in buildings with large floors.

SIP protocol: integration of IP intercom into an IP network
Multi - subscriber IP intercom Beward DKS15100 with SIP support opens up new possibilities for users. Thanks to the universal and open protocol, the BEWARD DKS15100 SIP video intercom can be connected to SIP devices from other manufacturers (SIP intercoms, IP phones, IP video phones, SIP monitors, IP phones, SIP softphones, mobile SIP clients for platforms, etc.). IP intercom can work via IP-PBX or communicate with another SIP device directly. DKS15100makes it possible to take the call and open the door (touch tone DTMF) when forwarding to a regular cellular or landline phone. For each subscriber it is possible to configure up to 5 call directions.

High image quality 
1.3 megapixel sensor SONY Exmor provides high image detail and has a very good sensitivity. Thanks to 2D / 3DNRnoise reduction technology, the DKS15100 provides a good, high-quality image even in difficult lighting conditions. If the attacker tries to disable the video module, it will damage the noticeable false lens, while the main, low-profile lens will continue to fix the offense. If this incident happened, it is possible to quickly replace the video module without having to dismantle and disassemble the intercom.

High-quality audio
IP intercom Beward DKS15100 is equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone. The hardware audio processing and echo cancellation system provide a clear, well-recognized sound.

Access control to the premises
To the IP intercom Beward DKS15100 you can connect 2 doors, main and additional. For each of the doors, it is possible to connect opening sensors, thereby it is possible to control the duration and the fact of opening the doors, as well as their breaking. Opening the main door is carried out by wireless RFID tags, or by an individual code. For an additional door it is possible to connect the reader via the 1-Wire protocol.

Instant start
IP intercom Beward DKS15100 after power on, ready to work out the basic functionality, and this is access to the entrance and a call to analog tubes in 1 second. Even the firmware update will not affect the performance of the basic functionality. In firmware update mode, backup storage for 8500 RFID keys and 1500 codes is used to open the main and additional doors.

Hybrid intercom
With the IP of the Beward DKS15100 intercom, it is possible to make calls to analog coordinate networks for up to 600 subscribers. All that is needed for this is to replace the existing switch at the entrance with a Beward KKM-100S2 (solution up to 200 subscribers) or KKM-105 (solution over 200 subscribers). Solutions are optional and purchased separately.

Night photography
For observation in complete darkness, an electromechanical IR-filter and built-in IR illumination with a range of up to 10 m are provided Built-in Beward DKS15100 IP intercom, high - power III-generation IR LEDs arecharacterized by an increased service life and high stability of parameters compared to conventional ones. The efficiency of III generation LEDs is so high that each of them replaces 15-20 ordinary ones. Additional optimization of the exposure of the object of observation, connected at night, eliminates the appearance of overexposed areas in the frame.

Resistance to the environment The
metal anti-vandal IP enclosure of the Beward DKS15100 intercom will not allow attackers to disable it, and the built-in opening limit switch will report an attempt to remove the IP intercom from the installation site. The 8-character LED display with adaptive brightness of the glow is able to display information without delays at temperatures up to -50 ° C , which LCD displays are not capable of. IP intercom Beward DKS15100 can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the temperature range from -50 to + 60 ° C and protection against dust and moisture in accordance with class IP54 .

Wide functionality
IP intercom Beward DKS15100 can be easily incorporated into the security system and use it as an IP camera. At the same time, it allows you to record audio and video all the time, when you call the subscriber, open the door or upon motion detection. IP intercom Beward DKS15100 supports popular network protocols, which increases the possibility of its use.


FOB Price: 600
Minimum Order: 1
Payment Terms: TT/Paypal

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