• Connecting an analog one-door intercom and monitor
  • Connection of one subscriber of the coordinate-matrix intercom
  • Control of the call panel from a PC, laptop or mobile device
  • Mobile application for Android,  iOS
  • Connecting to a telephone IP-network, work on SIP-protocol
  • Connect to SIP clients via the Internet without static IP addresses
  • Opening a door from a cell phone without attachments (DTMF)
  • Simultaneous access for multiple clients
  • Reproduction of video and audio streams from a single subscriber intercom
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Resolution 960x576, 720x576, 704x576
  • Encoding type H.264 BP / MP, Motion JPEG
  • Real-time video for all resolutions
  • 1 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port
  • Support microSDHC memory cards up to 32 GB
  • Metal case, operation in the temperature range from 0 to + 50 ° С
  • Connect multiple devices IP-portal to one mobile client
  • Connect up to 36 panels to one computer via BEWARD IP Visor and Record Center
  • Options: built-in Wi-Fi module , USB for 4G modem connection

The IP-portal BEWARD  DK103M  allows using a  single-subscriber analogue call panel and a multi-subscriber coordinate-matrix intercom as part of calling one apartment as a SIP intercom . At the same time, access control is possible from any computer (laptop) under Windows or a mobile device under Android or iOS. DK103M supports SIP-protocol, which allows you to take a call and open the door in tone mode from a regular cellular or landline phone. SIP intercom can be easily embedded in the existing office IP-telephone network, and in large-scale, geographically-distributed system. The number of SIP intercoms in one network is unlimited. Among other solutions with the inclusion of the IP-portal BEWARD  DK103M - work in apartment buildings: receiving a call from a multi-subscriber coordinate-matrix intercom; SOS signaling from emergency call stations to situational centers (as part of the Safe City programs); on sensitive sites - use of infrastructure for audio intercom-intercom.

Connection instead of analog monitor or with it

The IP-portal BEWARD DK103M is built in the existing analog one-subscriber intercom system, expanding its functionality. At the same time, the visitor’s call is received both on the phone or PC via the IP portal and on the analog monitor (there are limitations, see the operation manual for details). In this case, the call can be answered simultaneously. You can stop using the analog monitor altogether, then the BEWARD DK103M IP-portal will act as a subscriber device. The IP-portal BEWARD DK103M is a solution that allows you to significantly save costs on the transition to a modern full-featured IP intercom system.

Control intercom through mobile applications

The IP-portal BEWARD  DK103M  allows you to control access from any computer (laptop) under Windows or from a mobile device based on Android or iOS platform. To take a call and open the door you do not have to go to the intercom - it can be done remotely. The accompanying application is distributed free of charge with the device and is available at any time for download from our website (the “Files” tab).

Wide functionality

The IP-portal BEWARD  DK103M  makes it easy to integrate analog one-subscriber intercom into the IP security system and use it as an IP camera. At the same time, it allows you to record audio and video continuously, by pressing the call button or by detecting movement. IP-portal BEWARD  DK103M  supports popular network protocols, which increases the possibility of its use.

SIP protocol: integration of an intercom into an IP network

IP-portal BEWARD  DK103M  with SIP support opens up new possibilities for users. Thanks to the universal and open protocol, analog intercom turns into SIP video intercom, which can be connected to SIP devices from other manufacturers (SIP intercoms, IP phones, IP video phones, SIP monitors, IP phones, SIP softphones, mobile SIP clients for different platforms, etc.). It can also work through an IP PBX or communicate with another SIP device directly. IP-portal BEWARD  DK103M  allows you to receive a call and open the door (DTMF tone dialing) when forwarding to a regular cellular or landline phone. The use of SIP STUN technology allows you to connect the call panel via the Internet without using a static address. To the IP-portal BEWARD  DK103M You can simultaneously connect 2 SIP accounts and provide system resiliency.

High-quality audio

IP-portal BEWARD DK103M is equipped with hardware audio signal processing and echo cancellation system, which allows to get a clear, well-recognized sound.

Free professional software included


FOB Price: 150
Minimum Order: 1
Payment Terms: TT/Paypal

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