1) The outer layer is made of aramid yarn and inner layer bleached cotton. printed with silicone rubber to increase anti slip and heat resistant.

2) Heat-resistant, instantaneous touch with 500 C/932 F high temperature objects, at the same time with level 5 anti-cutting performance, better protect your hands, so as not to burn, cut.

3) It has excellent flame retardancy, thermal stability, chemical stability and long service life.

4) Applicable to cooking, microwave oven, bakery, outdoor barbecue, etc.

5) The time of contact high temperature objects: about 10s~15s.

Custom Items:

1) printing silicone rubber on the palm.
2) double-sided printing silicone rubber(Both left and right hand can be used).
3) Cuff length, washing label, logo.

4) Color, pattern, weight,etc.


FOB Price: $ 4.20/pair
Minimum Order: 1000pairs
Port: shenzhen port
Payment Terms: T/T

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