SJZ-51/105 CONICAL DOUBLE SCREW EXTRUDER is an efficient mixing and extrusion equipment. The machine has the characteristics of low shear rate, difficult to decompose, uniform plasticizing and mixing, stable quality, high output, wide application range, long service life and PVC powder direct molding. With all kinds of mould and auxiliary machine production line produced by our company, the conical double extruder can directly make PVC powder into different plastic products such as plastic pipe, plate, profile, board, and so on.

Conical twin-screw plastic extruder electrical control system has two kinds of general control and microcomputer control. The main drive mode has two kinds of DC speed regulation and frequency conversion speed regulation, for users to choose.


FOB Price: US $20,000-25,000
Minimum Order: 1 Set
Port: Qingdao Port
Payment Terms: HSJZ -51/105

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