Propylene Glycol (Industry Grade)is a colorless, tasteless, transparent and nonflammable liquid,fusing point: -59 ℃,boiling point :188.2℃,index of refraction:1.4307(20℃),viscosity :2.v5mPa.s,Flash point :99℃,it can mix  with water, ethanol and various organic solvents. Propylene glycol can be used as the raw material of unsaturated polyester resin. It can be used with glycerin or sorbitol as a wetting agent in cosmetics, toothpaste and soaps. It is used in hair colorants for dampening, as well as antifreeze, cellophane, plasticizer and pharmaceutical industry. It is widely used in the production of resin, plasticizer, surfactant, antifreeze and heat carrier. Propanediol is the intermediate of the fungicide diphenyl ether metacyclic azole. It is an excellent solvent for flavoring and pigment, and has good mutual solubility with all kinds of spices



1) Flavors and Fragrance
2) Cosmetics and Personal Care
3) Food and Flavorings
4) Pet Food and Animal Feed
5) Pharmaceutical Excipient
6) Tobacco Moisturizing Agent


FOB Price: USD1000.00 per MT
Minimum Order: 1MT
Port: Qingdao
Payment Terms: T/T 30%-50% in advance

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