Cable Raw Material Density used as the raw material of optical cable in the communication industry.

The filling rope material for polypropylene optical cable

it is made of polypropylene resin as base material, adding modifiers and other processing AIDS, through high-speed mixing, plasticizing and granulation, the product has good fluidity, mechanical and physical properties and processing performance, mainly used in cable filling rope.

Polypropylene (PP) is a non-toxic, odorless, tasteless milky white high crystalline polymer, which is one of the lightest plastics.

It is especially stable to water and has good formability. It can be used as the raw material of optical cable in the communication industry. Polypropylene has excellent bending fatigue resistance, and its products can be bent for hundreds of times at room temperature without damage

technical parameter

Elongation at break:

≥ 20%

Tensile strength:

≥ 10MPa


≤ 1.30g/cm3

Water content


Scope of application

It is suitable for making general mechanical parts, corrosion-resistant parts and insulating parts.
Common organic solvents such as acid and alkali have little effect on it and can be used in tableware.
The communication industry is mainly used for the production of cable filling rope

Product features

The relative density is small, which is only one of the lightest plastics.
Good mechanical properties, in addition to impact resistance, other mechanical properties are better than polyethylene, molding performance is better.
It has high heat resistance and can be used continuously up to 110-120 ℃.
It has good chemical properties, almost does not absorb water and does not react with most chemicals.
The texture is pure and non-toxic.
Good electrical insulation.
The transparency of poly

Packaging, storage and transportation and precautions:

(1) Transportation: The product must not be exposed to sunlight or rain during transportation, and must be kept clean, dry, free from pollution and intact.
(2) Storage: The product is stored in a dry, clean, and warehouse away from fire and heat sources, and moisture-proof packaging should be used.


Minimum Order: 1000KGS
Payment Terms: T/T

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