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A2302 leather bed, with light warm color-beige as the main color. This furniture with a combination of modern and French new-classical styles will give your bedroom a romantic atmosphere.



Specification: bedstead

For mattress size: Queen / king size

Specific Use: Home Bed

Appearance: Modern

Style: Soft Bed

Size: King / Queen size

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: B&M

Model Number: A2302

Color: Customized according to customer requirement

Service: 24 * 7 Hours After-sale Service


A2302, the overall shape is full of beautiful and elegance. with light warm color-beige as the main color, it is the expression of refining the essence of French new-classical style and integrating it into modern home. The entire bedroom space brings a sense of innocence and romance, and can be effectively blended and matched with other colors to balance the sense of space and help us sleep peacefully and comfortably.

Looking at the design of the bed, the headboard of the bed is purely hand-drawn, and the backrest of the handmade leather fold process, you can take a closer look at this process to reflect the exquisite technology and unique ingenuity of BAM International. Try it, it feels soft and comfortable, and its height is just enough to support our neck and back. The most tiring part of the body in a working day is the cervical spine and spine, and our bed is precisely the masseur of the body. It uses advanced ergonomics, the most comfortable 130-degree angle design for the human body, and the backrest of the bed is folded inward on both sides. The humanized design gives people a sense of security and meets the needs of the human body to constantly change postures in multiple directions.

The overall length of the bedside is 2.25 meters. If the owner matching two bedside tables together, the overall length is 3.2 meters, which is suitable for the needs of public master bedroom space.


This leather is imported from Australia. Through the Napa silk process, the selection of the leather embryo is extremely demanding. Only 1 to 1.5 mm is selected, and no scars are allowed. From 100 pieces of leather there are generally only 5 pcs can meet the requirement of this bed's standard. It has strong toughness, good skin-friendliness, and is as delicate and smooth as Baby's skin.

Our bed does not choose a room. It is used in the master bedroom. It is convenient for couples to rely on the bed to talk about the future. It is used for young people to play with mobile phones, read books, and work on the bedside. It can also be used in children's rooms: parents and children read books together, parent-child interaction.

In the warm and comfortable space, slowly enter the state of sleep and forget the troubles of the day



a. Before the production starts, we check all the material's quality and color of leather and fabric. Make sure its matching your choice.

b. Different phase of production will be traced when production starts.

c. Every product will have to pass quality checking before packing.


B&M CASA-leather modern beds SERVICE

1- Qualified furniture manufacturer

2- Personalized and reliable OEM/ODM service

3- Competitive factory price

4- Intelligent design team

5- High quality leather & fabric material

6- Advanced machinery & equipment

7- ISO9001 quality management system

8- Flexible MOQ requirement

9- Always response within 24 hours

10- Efficient logistics team

11-On-time delivery

12-Patient after-sale service


1. Before the order to be confirmed, we will check every parameter.

2. We will be tracing the different phase of production from the beginning

3. Quality, quantity, color and size will be strictly checked before packing

4. We will inform our clients as soon as the goods be sent.

5. Warranty is 8 years for inner frame, we are proud of our quality since each department we have professional QC teams. We would request detailed images of any problems or warranty claims - provided emails with detailed pictures are sent, we will dispatch replacements at our cost to repair the products or alternatively supply replacements in subsequent orders, In some special cases we may turn to a discount as a solution.


Established in 2004, B&M CASA is a modern home furniture and hotel furniture professional manufacturer and exporter. Currently, 60% of our furniture are exported all over the world.


Our website: www.bmcasafurniture.com


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: Min. Order Quantity 5 sets
Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Payment Terms: LC, T/T, Western Union

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