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Medium temperature: ≤425 ℃
Operation mode: manual / electric
Medium: water, oil, steam, etc.
Caliber: DN20-100
Pressure: 20.0-32.0mpa
Body material: WCB / WC6 / WC9
Connection method: welding/Flanged

Power plant station valve high pressure forging butt welding globe valve; rising stem butt welded power station valve also can as your drawing design and production. It is hot product with high quality. Intimate service +OEM service, Experienced staffs offer, we supply Professorial service and price.


Product Details


Power Station Valve Type:

Yaosheng --Power Station Valve Manufacturer , we have two common power plant station valves: electric and manual.

Electric Valve:

Significant improvements in electric control valve actuator technology are helping power producers reduce costs and increase efficiency. The valve actuator driven by an electric motor can withstand continuous movement requirements. In addition, they can work effectively in harsh environments and provide excellent performance in a wide range of applications. 

The benefits of doing so include increased efficiency, reduced maintenance and improved control valve performance. More importantly, electric actuators do not need to be recalibrated over time. Once calibrated, the electric control valve actuator can be operated.

Manual Valve:

Manual valves use hand wheels, handles, levers, and sprocket wheels to manipulate the valve action by humans. When the valve opening and closing torque is large, this wheel or worm gear reducer can be set between the handwheel and the valve stem. If necessary, the universal joint and drive shaft can also be used for remote operation.


The role of the valve:

Large power plants use hundreds of valves to manage the flow of water and steam. Valves can be used to stop and start the flow, reduce or increase the flow, control the flow direction, adjust the flow or process pressure or release a certain pressure in the pipeline system. Applications include pollution control, feed water, cooling water, chemical treatment and steam turbine control systems.


How to choose valves used in power plant?

Industrial valves used in power plants are often subjected to tremendous pressure and stress. Knowing the correct valve type can ensure better and optimal power generation applications.

Each type of power generation application requires a unique set of flow control requirements. In other words, there are countless valves in the piping system of power plants. Due to the different types of processes that occur in specific parts of the piping system, industrial valves in power plants also need to play different roles.


Repair and replace electric control valves:

Valves maintain separation by isolating high-energy processes from low-energy processes. When valves leak, they directly oppose the force driving the plant by allowing energy to leave the high-energy process and enter the low-energy process.

The steam or energy discharged from the process through the leakage valve is not effectively used, so it may reduce the amount of electricity generated or the revenue generated proportionally.

At this time, the valve needs to be repaired or even replaced. Yaosheng is specially designed to provide control valves for challenging operating conditions in major power plants.


Production of high standard valves:

For power plants, the valve needs to be tightly closed. The valve disc should be easy to replace, because in most cases the passing mud is corrosive or abrasive. For the valve body, the most ideal is the iron and stainless steel stem.


Power Station Valve Main parts and materials

Parts name


Valve body







Brake flap



Valve stem



Valve seat



Sealing pair






proper temperature



Applicable medium

Water, oil, steam

Steam and oil


Rising Stem Butt Welded Power Station Globe Valve


1.Compact structure, reasonable design, good valve rigidity, smooth passage.

2.The use of flexible graphite packing, reliable sealing, light and flexible operation


Power station valve applications: Petroleum, Chemical, Paper Making, Fertilizer, Coal Mining,water treatment and etc.

Product Advantages:

1.We have Sand or Precision casting technology, so we can as your drawing design and production.

2.Customers' logos are available cast on the valve body.

3. All our casting with tempering procedure before Processing.

4. Use the CNC lathe during whole process.

5. The disc sealing surface use plasma welding machine welding.

6. Every valve must be tested before delivery from the factory, only qualified ones can be shipped.

7.The kind valve we usually use bags to package, We also can according to specific customer's requests.


Yaosheng Advantages:

1.We are manufacturer Since 1992.

2.CE, API, ISO approved.

3.Fast delivery.

4.Low price with high quality.

5.Professional work Team!


We also have other valves, such as: GOST SeriesJIS SeriesDIN SeriesBS SeriesANSI Sries, etc.


Power station valve produced by Yaosheng,understanding the correct valve type ensures better and optimal power plant generation applications.



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FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1piece
Port: Tianjin Xingang, Shanghai, Ningbo etc
Payment Terms: T / T, L / C, D / P, D/ A, credit card, PayPal, Western Union remittance, cash, custody

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