polypropylene cable filling rope material is made of polypropylene resin as base material, adding modifier and other processing AIDS, by high-speed mixing, plasticizing, granulation.

Performance characteristics: suitable for the manufacture of communication cable filling rope, color: natural color. Melt Flow Rate: G / 10 Min ≤2.5. Density: G / CM31.05 ~ 1.25, tensile strength MPA ≥16, elongation at break% ≥20. Oxidation Induction Period (Cu Cup) Min ≥15, low temperature BRITTLENESS-76 °C-15 °C, invalidation number ≤2 / 10, thermal stress cracking resistance 96 H, invalidation number 0 / 9, environmental stress cracking resistance 48 H, invalidation number ≤0 / 10 moisture% ≤0.1, the compatibility with the filling compound varies with the weight of the winding% ≤15, without cracking,

used as a stranding unit for filling gaps in loose-sheathed cable stranding. Used to fill gaps in loose-sheathed fiber-optic glue layer, the structure of the fiber-optic cable should be round, that is, in order to make the fiber-optic cable round and add non-functional elements. .The selection of filling rope plays an important role in the roundness of optical cable structure


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