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Swing check valve

Yuanda Swing check valves have a disc-shaped valve flap and rotate around the axis of the valve seat channel. Because the internal passage of the valve is streamlined, the flow resistance is higher than that of a lift check valve. Small size, suitable for medium, small diameter, low pressure, and large diameter pipeline (large diameter case flow rate is low and infrequent flow changes). Sealing performance is not as good as lifting type.

 1. Swing check valve is divided into three types: single valve, double valve, and multi-flap type. These three types are mainly divided according to the diameter of the valve. The purpose is to prevent the media from stopping or backflowing and to reduce the hydraulic shock. Single-valve swing check valves are usually used in medium diameter applications. When a single-valve swing check valve is used for large diameter pipelines, it is best to use a slow-closing check valve in order to reduce water hammer pressure. Double-flap swing check valves are suitable for medium and large-diameter pipelines. Buttress double-flap swing check valve, small structure, lightweight, is a fast developing check valve; multi-flap swing check valve is suitable for large diameter pipeline.

2. The installation position of the swing check valve is not restricted, it can be installed on horizontal, vertical, or inclined pipelines.


Technical Requirement of cast steel Check Valve:

1. Design and Manufacture: KS B2361;

2. Face to Face: KS B2306

3. Flange End: KS B 1511;

4 Test: KS B2304;

Main parts and materials of Swing and Lift Check Valve

Parts Name






Hinge Pin

STS 420J1-B

Seat Ring



Where are the check valves used?

Check valves can be used in many different applications. For example, they are usually placed on the outlet side of the pump to protect the pump from backflow. The centrifugal pump is the most common type of water pump. It is not self-priming, so a check valve is essential to keep the water in the pipeline. In addition, check valves are often used in HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems). For example, HVAC systems are used in large buildings, where the coolant is pumped many storeys up. The check valve is installed here to make sure that the coolant will not be flushed back.

All check valves are suitable for various applications such as gas and liquid pipelines, water and steam systems, cooling towers, water treatment, gas export facilities, product tank farms, gas storage, and Mining dehydration.


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