A carefully chosen bag can make a statement about your business. Whether you prefer to differentiate yourself because of the high quality of your products or services. Or if you want something that keeps people coming back to your store. We provide an extensive range of packaging options to help you stand out.


Explore your paper bags for brand

Different industry with different requirement on the paper bags customized, no matter which industry you are in, you could find the one you want.


There are some general sizes for your reference on your way to getting the customized paper bags. If you want to customized in unique sizes, welcome to discuss with us!


Choose a personalize handle for your paper bags.

We provide various handle customize to meet clients to personalize their paper bags packaging. There are polyester handles, cotton handles, ribbon handles, twill handles, rib handles etc.


Face Paper Options.

Sanarko Packaging establishes a strong paper library to meet different clients' needs. You always could find the one you like from us.

Coated Paper, Kraft Paper, Recycled Paper, Special Paper, Corrugated paper, etc.


Technical Artworks

Different products packaging always needs different design and special technical to get a special packaging, to bring more value for clients brand. Besides the general artworks you could get support from us, also you could find the 3-d UV, gold heaping, cold stamp, etc lastest technology.


Carefully selected paper bag packaging can showcase your business. Do you prefer to stand out because of the high quality of your products or services. We offer a wide range of packaging options to help you stand out.For more luxury gift bag packaging, click here to customize.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 100
Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T

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