Size: 4'',6'',7'',8'',10'',12'',14'',16'',18'',20''
Rated capaicty: 2-1000 m3/h
Rated head: 10-1000 m

QJ series submersible pump can be used to farm irrigation, water pumping from river, lake, well or borehole. The motor is made by water proof winding wire, and it is rewindable.


QJR series submersible pump can be used to pumping hot water from underground, the medium temperature should be less than 100°C, featuring heat-resisting, corrosion resistance, anti-aging. The motor is made by water proof and heat-resisting winding wire, and it is rewindable.


Meterial:  Cast iron, stainless steel for pump body;

                Cast iron, stainless steel or broze for impeller;

                Steel or stainless steel for motor shell.


Medium temperature: Less than 40°C for QJ series;

                                   Less than 100°C fo QJR series.

Carried Standard:   GB/T2816-2002




Production Licence: XK06-003-00191


  1. Warning:  When pump is used in some special places, for example, pool, shallow well, pond, it must be grounded properly.
  2. Warning:  The power source must be switched off when we move, repair or clean the pump.
  3. Warning:  When the pump will be deposited for long time, we must remove the pressure-adjusting parts on the bottom of motor and release the water, make the winding dry. After that, install the pressure-adjusting parts back properly.
  4. Notice:  When we install a high-head pump, we must tie up the pump from motor’s bottom to leading pipe with strong steel wire.
  5. Notice:  A control panel must be installed to the pump. Before installation, the switch and others protect parts must be adjusted and tested correctly.
  6. Notice:  The cable must be choose properly following the motor’s rated voltage and rated current.
  7. Notice:  The 660V, 3 phase, AC power supply system is recommended when a high-head, 45kW or more power motor installation.
  8. Notice:  Because of the length of cable for the high-head pump is very long, the power voltage loss is very obvious. An alone transformer is recommended, and this transformer’s output should be 400V---440V.


Submersible pump is a kind of machine for lifting water from well or borehole. It can be used for farm irrigation, civil engineering, etc.

  1. Power supply system:
    1. The rated frequency should be 50Hz; the rated voltage for motor should be 380V±5%, or 660V±5%. If the rated frequency in the working place is 60Hz, or the rated voltage of power source is 220V, single phase, or 660V 3 phase, please notice us for the special design and profession advice.
    2. The maximum loading power output should not more than 75% of the rated power of the transformer.
    3. If the transformer is far away from the working place, the voltage loss in the extra cable must be calculated carefully. For the extra cable choice, please find the details data on attachment table 2.
  2.  Borehole wall condition:

The borehole wall should be straight and smooth, no salient point or pipe connecting error. Borehole’s minimum diameter should not less than pump’s model.

3.       If the water condition is not normal, factory will design and produce the pump following the contract that signed between factory and customer.

4.       Pump’s real head (the distance from pumping water level to pump’s real outlet, plus the loss by the pipe), timed by 1.1, should same as the pump’s rated head. Please find the head loss by pipe details data in attachment table 3.


The real capacity can be adjusted to 0.7—1.2 times of rated capacity, but the real capacity must be less than the borehole’s capacity.



FOB Price: FOB USD 200~2000 / Piece
Minimum Order: 10 Piece/Pieces
Port: Shanghai, Qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union

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