caliber:.68 , .50 , .43 caliber are available , weight:5.4 , 3.5 , 3.1 , 1.2 and 1.0 grams , color: yellow, blue, pink and black

Detailed Product Description :

Our paintball rubber balls can compete with original reball on their quality and price,better quality than any other rubbish mighty balls in USA , Europe and other countries

No.1 factory in the world to make best reballs with BEST PRICE ,Same Caliber & Weight as paintball,very smooth without any oils needed together !

Our paintball rubber balls can compete with Euro-american reballs by their quality and prices now , THE QUALITY IS VERY NEAR TO ORIGINAL REBALLS , so it has better quanlity than any Mighty Balls in the market ! we hope by our endeavouring , the quanlity of our reballs can surpass the quality of Euro-american reballs and become No.1 manufactory in the world to make best reballs !

Free samples are availabe upon requests , and paypal is acceptable from our side , many thanks !

Detailed Descriptions :
Reusable paintball rubber balls  can be shot from any .68 caliber or more paintball marker , Suitable for home games and reusable for money savings ,
- developed by pro players for players.
- a soft rubber ball that can be used for multiple purposes.
- can be used in paintball games against other players.

1.Beside yellow colours, there have any other colours available , white , yellow , blue etc , please contact us for more details !
2.Reusable for money savings
3.Suitable for home games ;
4. Three calibers : 1)  .68 inches ; 2) .43 calibers ; 3) .50 calibers
5.Very smooth surface , No Lubircants or Oils needed , don't need any lubrication. Just clean the balls with water , And let them dry before reusing them.
6. No Smells ;
7. Un-poisonous or un-toxic ;
8. Enviroment-proctective or Environment-friendly ;
9. Can be shot for more than 500 times ;
can be shot thousands of times without being damaged., until now we get no complaints our balls was broken !
10.Light and soft (low impact)
11.caliber : .68 , .50 and .43 calibers
12.Very accurate and Low cost
13. Material : soft rubber and hard plastics ( in the world , only we make these two materials )
14.Color : Any colors available on pantone book , yellow , blue , pink and black at the moment
15.No mess to clean up , wash by clear water easily ;
16. Weight : .68 caliber : 3.0-3.1 grams (rubber) , 5.4 grams ( rubber and plastics ) , 3.0-3.5 grams ( only plastics )
                     .50 caliber : 1.2 grams (rubber )
                     .43 caliber : 1.0 grams ( rubber)
17. The packing can be 50 pieces , 100 pieces or 500 pieces per bag or per box !
18.Warning: Can not EAT !  , Not a toy for use by children, for target practice only! Do not shoot at people or animals to prevent injuries ! Follow all standard paintball precautions.

Paintball reusable rubber balls  for Teams and players
- Teams can practice skills 24/7 /365 without increasing costs
- Individual skills can be worked on.
- Team communication and team work can be drilled
- 1 on 1 drills
- Running and shooting drills
- Snap shooting drills
- Regular games
- runs as fast as a paintball in any hopper

for indoor sites
- No more mess and dirt
- No more slippery floors
- No more cleaning bunkers
- Less laundry
- No more cleaning guns and goggles after each rental group
- Cut costs
- Opens up new options for indoor sites, no need of sewer system on the floor.


FOB Price: FOB USD 0.01~0.06 / Piece
Minimum Order: 500 Piece/Pieces
Port: Shenzhen , Guangzhou and HK
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,paypal

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