1)High Voltage Capability; 2)High Speed Switching; 3) Wide SOA ; 4)ROHS Compliant 5)Transistors

Our products are widely used in communications, electronics, household appliances, automobile electronics, industrial automation instruments, testing equipment lightings, electrical appliances (energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts, and solar lights), electric tools and other related fields.Material: Germanium, silicon, gallium arsenide Physical Packing: metal, through hole plastic, ball grid array, power modules,

Application Production lines:1) TO-32) TO-663) TO-3PL4) TO-3PN5) TO-3P (H) IS6) TO-3P (I)7) TOP-3Fa8) TO-3PML9) TO-3PFM10) TO-3PH11) TO-22012) TO-20013) T-24714) TO-220F15) TO-220Fa16) TO-20217) TO-12618) TO-126F19) ITO-22020) TO-92Available silicon power transistors:1) MOSFET2) 2SA series PNP 3) 2SB PNP 4) 2SC NPN 5) 2SD NPN 6) BD series NPN & PNP 7) BDA 8) BDS 9) BDT 10) BDV 11) BDW 12) BDX 13) BDY 14) BU 15) BDU 16) BUD 17) BUH 18) BUX, BUV, BUW, BUY 19) TIP, NPN and PNP 20) MJ NPN and PNP 21) MJE, NPN and PNP


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